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Big Questions, Worthy Dreams:  Mentoring EmergingAdults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith, Revised Edition

Big Questions, Worthy...

by Sharon Daloz Parks
  • Published in 2011
  • 352
Academic Leadership Day by Day: Small Steps That Lead to Great Success

Academic Leadership Da...

by Jeffrey L. Buller
  • Published in 2010
  • 336
Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education: Liberal Learning for the Profession

Rethinking Undergradua...

by Jonathan R. Dolle, Thomas Ehrlich, William M. Sullivan, Jonathan R. Dolle
  • Published in 2011
  • 208
Increasing Persistence: Research-based Strategiesfor College Student Success

Increasing Persistence...

by Steve Robbins, Jennifer L. Bloom, Steve Robbins
  • Published in 2012
  • 512
Saving Higher Education

Saving Higher Educatio...

by Steven R. Painchaud, Robert H. Seidman, Steven R. Painchaud
  • Published in 2011
  • 240
Cultivating the Spirit: How College Can Enhance Students' Inner Lives

Cultivating the Spirit...

by Jennifer A. Lindholm, Helen S. Astin, Jennifer A. Lindholm
  • Published in 2010
  • 240
Facilitating Group Learning

Facilitating Group Lea...

by George Lakey
  • Published in 2010
  • 304
The Handbook of Institutional Research

The Handbook of Instit...

by William E. Knight, Gerald W. McLaughlin, William E. Knight
  • Published in 2012
  • 768
Developing and Sustaining Successful First-Year Programs: A Guide for Practitioners

Developing and Sustain...

by John N. Gardner, Jennifer R. Keup, John N. Gardner
  • Published in 2013
  • 368
Becoming an Engaged Campus: A Practical Guide forInstitutionalizing Public Engagement

Becoming an Engaged Ca...

by Gail W. Wells, James C. Votruba, Gail W. Wells
  • Published in 2011
  • 272
Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment

Eportfolios for Lifelo...

by Darren Cambridge
  • Published in 2010
  • 288
The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal

The Heart of Higher Ed...

by Megan Scribner, Arthur Zajonc, Megan Scribner
  • Published in 2010
  • 256

Showing 1 - 12 of 133 results