Becoming an Engaged Campus: A Practical Guide forInstitutionalizing Public Engagement
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More About This Title Becoming an Engaged Campus: A Practical Guide forInstitutionalizing Public Engagement


Becoming an Engaged Campus offers campus leaders a systematic and detailed approach to creating an environment where public engagement can grow and flourish. The book explains not only what to do to expand community engagement and how to do it, but it also explores how to document, evaluate, and communicate university engagement efforts.

Praise for Becoming an Engaged Campus

"This provocative yet exceedingly practical book looks at all of the angles and lays bare the opportunities and barriers for campus-community engagement while providing detailed pathways toward change. This comprehensive treatise marks a significant shift in the literature from the what and why of public engagement to the how. It is simply superb!"—Kevin Kecskes, associate vice provost for engagement, Portland State University

"Becoming an Engaged Campus is an essential guidebook for university leaders. It details the specific ways that campuses must align all aspects of the institution if they are to be successful in the increasingly important work of community outreach and engagement."—George L. Mehaffy, vice president for academic leadership and change, American Association of State Colleges and Universities

"Most colleges and universities make the rhetorical claim of community engagement; this book is an excellent primer on how to transform the rhetoric into reality. The authors do not speak in abstract terms. They describe the specific structures, policies, and programs that have made Northern Kentucky University a national model of how a large urban university can transform its impact on the region it is supposed to serve."—William E. Kirwan, chancellor, University System of Maryland


Carole A. Beere retired in 2007 as the first associate provost for outreach and dean of graduate studies at Northern Kentucky University.

James C. Votruba is president of Northern Kentucky University.

Gail W. Wells is the vice president for academic affairs and provost at Northern Kentucky University.



About the Authors.


1 Outreach and Public Engagement: Understanding the Context.

2 The Alignment Process.

3 Aligning the Foundational Elements.

4 Aligning Leadership.

5 Aligning the Organizational Structure.

6 Aligning Faculty and Staff.

7 Aligning Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure.

8 Aligning for Student Engagement.

9 Aligning Accountability and Reporting Systems.

10 Aligning Communication.

11 Aligning with the Community.

12 Aligning Public Policy.

13 Moving Forward.