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Book Rights at PubMatch 2016-08-19 PubMatch is an online global publishing network where you can find authors, book publishers, agents and book rights professionals from across the globe.
Mission Statement - Pubmatch - Matching Publishers, Authors and Agents Worldwide

Mission Statement

Calling all members of the International Publishing Industry!

PubMatch Mission Statement:

To create a worldwide community for the publishing industry that encourages the creation of business relationships and the worldwide spreading of ideas. PubMatch will facilitate communication, data warehousing and the simplification of rights marketing for publishers, agents, authors and others, making it the go-to place for the international publishing community to find new titles and new talent.

How PubMatch Accomplishes this:

The PubMatch community thrives on an active membership, whether that′s in the form of those communicating directly with each other, those browsing the site and reading books /titles looking for new titles, or just those using the “in profile” features that PubMatch offers. For each type of member—authors, publishers, agents and artists—PubMatch presents endless opportunities, such as:

The ability to add “Books / Titles” to your profile. Books / Titles are usually titles that you′re trying to draw attention to; whether as a new author seeking a publisher; an agent seeking a publisher on behalf of an author, or an author, agent or publisher trying to sell rights of a book to potential partner overseas. Books / Titles include the title′s bibliographic information, include BISAC categories, as well as what rights are available, a cover image, and even actual pages from the book (via uploading a PDF file). If you′re an illustrator or photographer, your books /titles could include books you′ve worked on as an illustrator, or entire “albums” of samples of your work.

Member to Member Messaging. PubMatch features an internal messaging system that allows members to communicate directly with each other. You can control your own privacy settings to dictate what types of members can contact you, limiting your inbox to just those that you would want to hear from.

Preparing for an upcoming trade show. If you′re attending any of the world′s prestigious international book fairs, you can indicate what fairs and your stand number (if applicable), as well as search the network for members attending that fair. You can communicate with each other to set up face to face meetings onsite. Additionally, you can use PubMatch′s Rights Catalog Generation System to create an online rights catalog to send to members in advance and start the rights transaction process before the fair even begins. You can create as many catalogs as you′d like and there′s no limit to how many titles can be included in a catalog. Rights catalogs have their own unique URL, so you can be sure the person you′re sending it to receives the correct catalog.

Upload a mass amount of data and update it as necessary. As you′ll see when you add Books / Titles to your profile, you′ll be given the option to download a CSV file template, fill it in, and upload hundreds or even thousands of titles all at once. Once on your profile, you can edit them as necessary. Even if you set your privacy settings to make you completely invisible to the rest of the PubMatch community, you can still use tools like this to warehouse your data in a simple and constantly updatable manner.

That′s just the beginning of all the PubMatch offers to you when you choose to become a member of the community.

Who can benefit the most from PubMatch?


Whether you're trying to find your next masthead title, or trying to find a partner overseas for rights transactions, can help you connect. Create a profile indicating what you're looking for so possible partners can find you. Search titles, authors, agents/agencies and other publishers to connect with, or simply use PubMatch as an in house tool to keep your data manageable.


Written a book? Create an account to post your book right here on, then search the database of publishers searching for new titles, or agents and agencies looking for new talent to represent. Connect here on and begin important business relationships for making your book available to readers all over the world!


Your livelihood depends on not only representing great titles, but also having the contacts to a variety of applicable publishers. is your resource for finding them both! Search through available titles and applicable publishers to broaden your contacts and increase your resources, and create an account so they can find you too.

Service Providers:

Books are one of the best ways to show off your artistic abilities. Post samples of your work, and get in contact with publishers and authors looking to complete their projects with the perfect art to accompany their manuscript! Tell what type of art you specialize so they can find your artwork — from photos to crayons! Videos