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Tasting Success by Charles Carroll from Wiley

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  • Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef
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    USD 55.95
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    August 9, 2010
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    233.70 mm
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    154.9 mm
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    10.9 mm
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    11.28 oz

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Tasting Success: Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef is for every student in the beginning months of their education, or every new employee just starting out in a new hospitality job. It will be an asset to any introductory course in culinary, foodservice, or the hospitality industry, as well as a benefit for career planning or career development courses, intern or externships, leadership, and organizational development classes, or self study.

In this book, Chef Charles Carroll expertly coaches students on how to attack their time and plan their future, while giving them encouragement and words of wisdom along the way to ensure success. With its no nonsense, upbeat, and inspiring style, Tasting Success: Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef outlines the most important, tangible decisions a young culinary professional can make now to achieve lifelong success, and provides the essential career map every young professional needs to travel the road to culinary career success!

Dislaimer :- Any grant of rights shall not apply to any text, illustrations or supplemental material from other sources that may be incorporated in the original Work.

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Foreword vii

Preface ix

Introduction: What's Your Plan? xv

Chapter 1 Stickability 1

The Story of Stickability as Told Chef John Folse 4

Interview Champ George Foreman 9

Chapter 2 Focusing on Your First Year at School 12

Interview Chef Paul Prudhomme 23

Chapter 3 Work Ethic and Habits 26

Interview Coach Bela Karolyi 37

Chapter 4 Time Management 40

Interview Chef Sam Choy 55

Chapter 5 Choosing Your Externship 58

Interview Chef Norman Van Aken 69

Chapter 6 Your Culinary Investment 75

Interview Mrs. Joanne Herring 83

Chapter 7 Completing Your Degree 87

Interview Chef Monica Pope 94

Chapter 8 The Real World 97

Interview Charlie "The Razor" Frazier 103

Chapter 9 Achieving Success 108

Interview Coach Rudy Tomjanovich 120

Collection of Quotes 125

Index 135