Proud to Be Me Rosalinda
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Rosalinda, A beautiful Mexican girl, ventures out to Los Angeles at the age of twenty-five, not knowing what her future and career was going to entail. After being in Los Angeles for a few months, her life takes an unexpected turn that forces her to make a fast decision, after getting fired from her job in a restaurant, working as a waitress. She's recommended to train as a boxer and follows that path with her heart and becomes passionate with the boxing world. Then, her career starts to blossom as a professional boxer. Along that path, she meets someone special and falls in love until one evening, they're involved in a shooting that puts their lives at risk. They're both sent to the hospital, which later, she finds out that her love might not live, as she fights for her life to stay alive. She deals with the absence of her love and continues what she loves doing: boxing. The adversities in her path, did not slow her down nor kept her from becoming what her heart desired for herself and her country. She was proud to be " The Rose"


Writing has become a passion for me, even though I started late in my life.
I was inspired on 2013 by watching a Oscar winning movie, “The Million Dollar Baby“ , and have not stop thinking of events and scenarios from that point on and discovered that it’s what I wanted to do, so I started and here I am. The one thing I have learned is to never give up and always be determined to get it done from start to finish, no matter how tired you feel or how much time you allow yourself to sit down and write.
I live along the west coast by San Luis Obispo, California, but I’m originally from Visalia, California.
I served in the Air Force for four years during the Viet Nam era and proud to have done so, except for my follow friends who never came back. “Salute to them.”
My writings are set to continue with “Proud to BE Me Rosalinda” in a five-part series with other stories waiting to be completed.
I have done a few book signing events with Barnes and Noble and will continue in the future with dates already planned.