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From the very beginning, Stratton Press has always operated using a hybrid publishing model. This type of model allows potential authors to freely submit their manuscripts without any cost. If the manuscript pass the standards of our editors, we may be able to offer traditional, noncontributory publishing contract, or a packaged publishing agreement. Authors in the latter agreement may be asked to invest a one-time initial cost of the publishing of their title. Then we help them push the book on several levels of marketing without incurring additional cost. It’s like a partnership agreement. Quality work over quantity work. We boast that we don’t publish a lot of titles every year. We’d like to put our focus on creating a good relationship with our authors, knowing them better and their work, then creating the results that they need. We at Stratton Press are committed to excellence in the written art, so you can expect the best level of author support and publishing expertise. With our team of professional book cover designers, illustrators, ghost writers, and editors, you are guaranteed that your book is in good hands from step 1 to the final stages of author approval. We boast of our team of marketing experts who will not only sell your title, but will also help you create a brand for your written material. We don’t just go for any form of advertising, unlike other self-publishing companies who ask you money for additional advertising or additional marketing. With Stratton Press, we can guarantee that no one will call you for marketing or advertising. Each of our authors is assigned to a book agent who will assist them in their branding and marketing endeavors. There is no shot in the dark here. Our book agents have all your marketing figured out. Our book agents will tap into both traditional and modern forms of publicity—from the good old press release to the complex world of social media and online media. These book agents will help you get to the right stores, tap the right market, create a gathering, get readership, and a whole lot more. The good thing is, you don’t need to spend for them. Book agents are included in our partnership programs. Every year, we pick the best of the best in our submissions and titles. We mark these titles with our “Stratton Mark of Excellence.” This is a guarantee seal from our editors that the book with this seal is fantastic to read! If your book has the “Stratton Mark of Excellence,” you’re eligible for VIP access to all our services—we market your book for free, you get unlimited manuscript submissions, and you’ll have a lifetime contract on a book agent. Our team’s eight-year experience in the publishing industry and our proven track record makes a huge difference for our authors. QUALITY over QUANTITY. VALUE over PROFIT. With our experienced team of experts behind you, you can be assured that your book is in very good hands. We hold office at Wilmington Delaware, and in Cebu, Philippines.
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