Jennifer's Dream
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Bone agrees to probate the estate of Jennifer Winston, a young woman who once dreamed of becoming a writer. She is a single parent. Oddly, she's been making good money, apparently as an editor, but Bone can't find a single client. And, the money stops after she is killed. Her interviews with a local "meth" connection brought her threats. Neither Phillip Martin, her college professor, nor Jim Ashley, her college teammate, has any ideas about her "clients." Martin wrote a best seller, years before, that was made into a movie. Ashley has had a number of best sellers and also movie credits. Gossip suggests that Jennifer might have been closer to the men, both married, than either will admit. As Bone's search for the sources of her income intensifies, he ends up running for his life in the Mississippi swamps and almost ends up dead. He finds out that Ashely's was behind it all.


Rogers was born and raised with the red clay of MS under his feet. In the Army, he worked in an intelligence gathering capacity in the Orient. After his discharge, he graduated as an electrical engineer from MS State and worked for an aerospace company in CA. Later, he graduated from USC law school with honors and opened his own practice. After passing the NY bar, he represented clients in NY. He earned an LLM degree from Tulane with an emphasis on real estate problems and represented the SBA and FDIC handling real estate legal conflicts, later taking on real estate "workouts" for private clients until he retired to write books about his experiences and his life. During book breaks, he handcrafts wooden bowls, plays tennis and mangles a guitar. He divides his time between CA and a house on the Leaf River.