Savage Destiny
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A story of friendship, loyalty, and love takes you into the lives of a frontier family and the ties that bind them to people very different from themselves. Tom McKale's first meeting with the son of the Indian responsible for saving his grandfather's life years before was pre-destined. Red Wolf was shot, bleeding, and left for dead on the trail. Till the "brother" he saw in a vision happens upon him. Fate brings the two men together. Friendship strengthens the bond between them and their families. But destiny weaves their lives together forever in a pattern that can never be torn apart.


CB Millien's roots are deeply embedded in Louisiana. Born and raised in and around Prairieville, she loves to travel, read, and spend time with her family. But her passion is reading, and weaving stories of her own to share with others. She loves hearing from those who have read any of her work.