Pieces of Grace: A Literary Collection
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More About This Title Pieces of Grace: A Literary Collection


Webster defines a poem as: A piece of writing that has rhythm and often rhymes, usually in language that shows more imagination and feeling than ordinary speech.

People are made up of pieces. Some of those pieces are bright and appealing to us, some are dark and shadowy. Although people are composed of many pieces, they cannot be accepted only in part. When you assemble the pieces of writing written by any one author, and delve into the depth expressed within them, the assembled pieces reveal a picture of the heart that lies beneath. Each of us has pieces of ourselves that in normal society we would not venture to share, but those are the pieces, which compose the masterpiece of our life.

My poetry is more than cleverly arranged words...I invite you to meet me by reading my books. Perhaps in our meeting you will find pieces of yourself reflected within the pages. When people connect, it is often because they see pieces of themselves in each other. Dare to accept people as masterpiece.


I, Gail A. Veilleux, am a Christian. My greatest joy in life has been my family. I am a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, and a grandmother. I worked in a variety of fields before becoming disabled, and I have lived many places before settling in Maine. The various places I lived, and the relationships I have had have broadened my perspective. My poetry springs from my experiences. Writing has been an avenue of expression available to me in any circumstances; it is a comforting friend. Published word can be unforgiving, but writing is freeing.