The Anger of High Sea
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The Anger of High Sea The book depicts the life of many persons after 1975 and before the Communist change in 1995. The author did not want to leave his country, but everything changed. He was forced to go to reeducation camp. After his release, the Communists did not allow him to return to his career as a high school math teacher, as other officers originated from high school teachers. He worked instead as a farmer and fisherman to feed his children. He built a small, rickety, four-horsepower-engine boat, then organized a group of people to attempt an escape from Vietnam.


VHKT is the pen name of Hiep Vo. He was born in 1942 at Ha Tinh, Vietnam. During the Vietnam-French War of 1946-1954, he helped his parents in farming and tending cattle in forest since the age of eight. After the Geneva Accord, he followed his parents in escaping from North Vietnam to Saigon, to avoid the Land Reform Movement of Truong Chinh. In 1963, he was arrested by Diem-Nhu's undercovers and was tortured brutally. In 1967, he graduated as math teacher of Saigon University. On January 1969, he was nominated to be principal of a high school. On August 1969, he turned in an application to resign that position when he realized the South Vietnam government was a puppet of the USA. On March 1970, he officially resigned. In 1975, he was sentenced as an officer of CIA and was forced to attend for brainwashing. In 1981, he successfully escaped with his family and his friends, then resettled in California. First, he worked as math specialist for Whittier Union High. Currently, he works as a design engineer for an aerospace company in the USA and owns a patent for aerospace.

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