Secrets of the Old Music Room
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Debra knows Mildred is up to no good and is suspicious of her grandfather's music room, especially the old player piano! She has tried to talk to her grandfather about Mildred to get him to see her for what she really is, but you know what they say about love being blind? Well, her grandfather can't even see straight! Even Middle C is worried about Mildred, and he likes everyone. If Mildred does follow through with her plan to get rid of the player piano, how will Debra be able to time travel and continue her romantic relationship with Ted? She has also been rewarded with a trip of a lifetime to travel to Paris to meet her favorite composer, Clyde Debosney. All her dreams will be ruined without the piano! Don't miss the second book in this exciting series as Debra plots to overcome Mildred.


Christy Webb has been an avid reader all her life. She especially enjoys a fun romance with unexpected plot twists. Ever since she was a little girl, teachers and friends have begged her to share her funny life experiences by turning them into delightful and memorable fictional stories. She lives in Utah with her loving husband, who is the perfect role model for all of her heroes!