The Junior Officer Bunkroom
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It is 1970. Jon Zachery is a young US Navy pilot who wants to fly combat missions in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the navy plans to decommission his squadron and it looks like he will not see combat but only a dead-end job. Amos Kane is a natural stick and throttle jockey. He desires the same thing, fly combat missions. Kane shoots off his mouth to the wrong people and derails his chances. He encounters Charlotte Wilkins, a dedicated anti-war activist, who converts Kane. Events bring Zachery and Kane together in the Junior Officer Bunkroom aboard an aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Gulf. In the bunkroom, pro-war and anti-war clash at the junior officer level with the same fervor and violence as back in the states.


J. J. has published six novels and a book of short stories. He is a US Navy and Vietnam veteran. He and his wife Karen reside in Missouri.

Exhibited At: International book fairs