The Scribe and the Sword
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Samuel had just begun in the temple school when Miriam brought the baby to the temple. What he saw and heard and after meeting Miriam and Yosef his excitement over the apparent coming of the Messiah blossomed only to be met with rejection, ridicule and rebuke from his peers and Temple leaders in Jerusalem. Chastened Samuel left work at the temple, self-exiled to his home in Hebron. He returned years later with his family to resume service in the temple school. He was determined to protect his position and his family. But Yeshua begins his mission, and Samuel's fears are awakened. In spite of his early experience and his knowledge of Scripture, he gives in to peer pressure. He becomes even more disturbed to find that his family is falling under Yeshua's influence. Blinded by pride and rage he must take action and he strikes out. Caught in a web of scripture, tradition, Yeshua, his love for his country and his family, it seems as if a sword is tearing at his inner being.


I was born in 1942 and grew up in Central Pennsylvania near Harrisburg in the 1950s. I graduated from High school in 1960 and I joined the US Navy and attended boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center.
From 1961 to 1962, I was stationed at the US Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and served on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) America’s first nuclear aircraft carrier and participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
After a six-month cruise to the Mediterranean, I was transferred to the active reserves and attended Harrisburg Electronics Institute from 1964 until 1965, studying electronics technician. In 1965, I went to work at General Electric Communications in Lynchburg, Virginia.
I reenlisted in the USNR in 1966 and participated reserve cruises on 3 destroyers, USS Henley, USS Sarsfield, and USS Compton, from 1967 to 1970.
While living in VA, I took flying lessons at a small local airfield, from 1967 to 1969, soloed in a J-3 Piper Cub and flew a 100 mile cross-country solo in the same plane.
I was a church goer when growing up with my Mother but after I left home, religious interests fell by the wayside. In 1960, My brother became a born again Christian and that shook up the family. Though it took a few years in 1968, I finally surrendered to Christ as my savior…I asked Him, “to come into my heart and take control of my life and make me what He wants me to be”. I immediately had a hunger for the word of God and took several correspondence courses with Liberty Bible College (Now the Liberty University) and Moody Bible College. I moved from Lynchburg to Toledo, OH, in the fall of 1973, to help a pastor friend with a church planting mission.
In the Spring of 1974, I drove the moving truck to help my pastor friend move his family to Missouri, moved back to Middletown PA and drove tractor-trailer rigs during the summer.
During 1974-1977, I worked for Flight Systems in Mechanicsburg, PA repairing industrial electronic controls and attended the Harrisburg Community College for Engineering Math.
In 1977, I was sent to Flight Systems branch in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to train a new technician for our branch there and stayed on as service manager until 1984.
In 1984, I worked for MA electronics, a subsidiary of MACOM in Massachusetts, the company changed hands several times from MA to EPSCO to Lucas Aerospace and finally to Nanowave Technologies.
During the last change, I was laid off and spent the summer on summer missions at a native reserve in La Ronge and Air Ronge in Saskatchewan. I was a Director of Missions in Park Royal Bible Church in Mississauga and took advantage of the opportunity to go out on a summer mission project with Northern Canada Evangelical Missions (NCEM).
I was back to work for Nanowave Tech for the newest and last owner that fall. I worked at Nanowave until 2001 when I went through a period of depression and quit my job on short notice. I found myself out of work and without benefit of unemployment insurance and worked for various temporary agencies, driving lift trucks and order pickers until I retired in 2009.
I have been active in the church in various roles, bus captain, deacon, Elder, Sunday School Director, Missions Director for many years from 1968 to the present.
Over the years, I accumulated notes and had notebooks full of ideas—stories and scenes. I took a course in creative writing with Stratford Career Institute in 2006 after getting encouragements from several friends and began writing my first book around 2007. I was taking forklift training and the instructor said that I was a good story teller and that I should write them down and try to publish them. I am not sure if he actually meant that or he was telling me to do something besides drive lift trucks…though I was quite good at that.
While I was putting together the first novel about Michael, I was inspired by the church youth group to write The Scribe and The Sword.
I have written several manuscripts and tried to self publish them: Treasures (originally Dreamer), Odyssey, Providence, Salem, Vagabond but with no success at marketing. I have been trying self publishing for several years before I was presented with the opportunity to publish The Scribe and the Sword and Treasures with Stratton Press.