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Educause Leadership Strategies, Volume 4: Partnering in the Learning Marketspace

Educause Leadership St...

by Ann Hill Duin, Linda L. Baer, Doreen Starke-Meyerring
  • Published in 2001
  • 160
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

Journal of the Associa...

by Javed Mostafa
  • Published in 1993
Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systemic Approach, Second Edition

Mastering the Instruct...

by William J. Rothwell
  • Published in 1995
Handbook of Bibliometric Indicators -Quantitative Tools for Studying and EvaluatingResearch

Handbook of Bibliometr...

by Roberto Todeschini, Alberto Baccini
  • Published in 2016
  • 512
Design of Library Automation Systems: File Structures Data Structures, and Tools

Design of Library Auto...

by Michael D. Cooper
  • Published in 1996
  • 638
Technology Everywhere: A Campus Agenda forEducating and Managing Workers in the Digital AgeEducause Leadership Strategies, Volume 6:

Technology Everywhere:...

by Brian L. Hawkins
  • Published in 2002
  • 160
Educause Leadership Strategies, Volume 3: Information Alchemy - The Art and Science of Knowledge Management

Educause Leadership St...

by Gerry Bernbom
  • Published in 2000
  • 160
Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Leading and Supporting the Transformation on Your Campus(Educause Leadership Strategy Series, Volume 5)

Technology-Enhanced Te...

by Carole A. Barone
  • Published in 2001
  • 144

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 results