Educause Leadership Strategies, Volume 4: Partnering in the Learning Marketspace
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More About This Title Educause Leadership Strategies, Volume 4: Partnering in the Learning Marketspace


Organizations around the world are forming innovative partnerships to offer virtual learning opportunities to global audiences. This book focuses on the crucial questions higher education leaders are asking about these "learning marketspace" partnerships: What do they look like? How will they influence educational delivery systems? When should an institution initiate such a partnership effort? What type of leader is needed for learning marketspace partnerships? What makes such partnerships successful?

Partnering in the Learning Marketspace describes how leaders in higher education, government, community, and business can form productive partnerships to leverage the best content and provide a gateway to that content for learners around the globe. The authors present a framework for understanding the learning marketspace concept and offer an engaging blueprint for developing and implementing partnerships to support lifelong learners. The book includes practical information that will help potential learning marketspace partners learn to: understand the dynamics of marketspace portals; set priorities for partnering; assess partnership readiness; overcome obstacles to building partnerships; develop tools to support learners in e-mentor and e-community relationships; and identify leadership competencies in a global learning marketspace.

The book includes insightful commentaries by national and international education leaders who have participated in electronic learning environments.


ANN HILL DUIN is associate provost and director, Continuing Education and Communication Services at Iowa State University. LINDA L. BAER is senior vice chancellor for academic and student affairs at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. DOREEN STARKE-MEYERRING is a research fellow at the University of Minnesota.


List of Tables, Figures and Exhibits.

Foreword: John Tiffin, Lalita Rajasingham.


The Authors.

1. Partnerships in a Learning Marketspace.

2. The Dynamics of Marketspace Portals, Perspective: Jaap Tuinman.

3. Priorities in a Learning Marketspace, Perspective: Sir John Daniel and Robin Mason.

4. Assessing Readiness for Partnerships, Perspective: Glen M. Farrell.

5. The Learning Marketspace Toolbox, Perspective: Murray Turoff.

6. The Partnering Process: A Case Study of Minnesota Virtual University, Perspective: Diana G. Oblinger.

7. Leadership in a Global Learning Marketspace.