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The Distinctive Character of the Free University in Amsterdam, 1880-2005

The Distinctive Charac...

by Arie Theodorus van Deursen
  • Published in 2008
  • 560
An Introduction to Social Psychology, 7th Edition

An Introduction to Soc...

by Miles Hewstone
A Guide to Faculty Development, Second Edition

A Guide to Faculty Dev...

by Kay J. Gillespie
Distinquished Teachers on Effective Teaching (Issue 28: New Directions for Teaching and Learning-TL)

Distinquished Teachers...

by Jossey-Bass Publishers
  • Published in 1986
The Effective Public Manager: Achieving Success in Government

The Effective Public M...

by Steven Cohen
  • Published in 1988
The Law of Higher Education 4e Volume 2 Indexfor Capella

The Law of Higher Educ...

by William A. Kaplin
  • Published in 2017
Getting Hooked on Memoirs

Getting Hooked on Memo...

by Dr. H. Kenneth Shook
  • 236
Strengthening Collegiate Education in Community Colleges

Strengthening Collegia...

by Judith S. Eaton
  • Published in 1994
Shaping Higher Education's Future: Demographic Realities and Opportunities, 1990-2000

Shaping Higher Educati...

by Arthur Levine
  • Published in 1989
Higher Education in a Learning Society: Meeting New Demands for Education and Training

Higher Education in a...

by Jerold W. Apps
  • Published in 1988
The Collegiate Funciton of Community Colleges: Fostering Higher Learning Through Curriculum and Student Transfer

The Collegiate Funcito...

by Arthur M. Cohen
  • Published in 1987
Key Resources on Community Colleges: A Guide to the Field and It's Literature

Key Resources on Commu...

by Arthur M. Cohen
  • Published in 1986

Showing 37 - 48 of 132 results