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Effective Instruction for STEM Disciplines: From Learning Theory to College Teaching

Effective Instruction...

by Brian S. Hoyt, William J. Snyder, Brian S. Hoyt
  • Published in 2011
  • 288
Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency

Educating Physicians:...

by Bridget C. O'Brien, David M. Irby, Bridget C. O'Brien
  • Published in 2010
  • 320
Helping College Students Find Purpose: The CampusGuide to Meaning-Making

Helping College Studen...

by Michele C. Murray, Michele C. Murray
  • Published in 2010
  • 352
A Guide to Faculty Development, Second Edition

A Guide to Faculty Dev...

by Kay J. Gillespie
  • Published in 2010
  • 464
Using Quality Benchmarks for Assessing and Developing Undergraduate Programs

Using Quality Benchmar...

by Jane S. Halonen, Maureen A. McCarthy, Suzanne C. Baker, Jane S. Halonen
  • Published in 2010
  • 384
Leading the Learner-Centered Campus: An Administrator's Framework for Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Leading the Learner-Ce...

by Roxanne Cullen, Roxanne Cullen
  • Published in 2010
  • 224
Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices

Civic Engagement in Hi...

by Barbara Jacoby and Associates
  • Published in 2009
  • 288
Promoting Integrated and Transformative Assessment: A Deeper Focus on Student Learning

Promoting Integrated a...

by Catherine M. Wehlburg
  • Published in 2008
  • 224
A New Agenda for Higher Education: Shaping a Lifeof the Mind for Practice

A New Agenda for Highe...

by Matthew S Rosin, Matthew S Rosin
  • Published in 2008
  • 272
Faculty Incivility: The Rise of the Academic Bully Culture and What to Do About It

Faculty Incivility: Th...

by Barbara M. De Luca, Barbara M. De Luca
  • Published in 2008
  • 240
Helping Sophomores Succeed: Understanding and Improving the Second-Year Experience

Helping Sophomores Suc...

by Laurie A. Schreiner, Barbara F. Tobolowsky, John N. Gardner, Scott E. Evenbeck, Jerry A. Pattengale
  • Published in 2009
  • 336
Good Mentoring: Fostering Excellent Practice in Higher Education

Good Mentoring: Foster...

by Charles H. Hooker, David J. Shernoff, Charles H. Hooker
  • Published in 2009
  • 336

Showing 13 - 24 of 147 results