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Data Warehousing Fundamentals for IT Professionals, Second Edition

Data Warehousing Funda...

by Paulraj Ponniah
  • Published in 2010
  • 608
Human Memory Modeled With Standard Analog and Digital Circuits: Inspiration for Man-made Computers

Human Memory Modeled W...

by John Robert Burger
  • Published in 2009
  • 366
Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling

Configuring SAP ERP Fi...

by John Burger, John Burger
  • Published in 2009
  • 960
Building Software for Simulation: Theory and Algorithms, with Applications in C++

Building Software for...

by James J. Nutaro
  • Published in 2010
  • 360
Computer Assisted Exercises and Training: A Reference Guide

Computer Assisted Exer...

by Dusan Marincic, Dusan Marincic
  • Published in 2009
  • 312
Software Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Excellence

Software Design for Si...

by Adnan Shaout, Adnan Shaout
  • Published in 2010
  • 552
Software Error Detection through Testing and Analysis

Software Error Detecti...

by J. C. Huang
  • Published in 2009
  • 272
Schneier on Security

Schneier on Security

by Bruce Schneier
  • Published in 2008
  • 336
Algorithms for Visual Design Using the Processing Language

Algorithms for Visual...

by Kostas Terzidis
  • Published in 2009
  • 384
Network Science: Theory and Applications

Network Science: Theor...

by Ted G. Lewis, PhD
  • Published in 2009
  • 524
Diagrammatic Reasoning in AI

Diagrammatic Reasoning...

by Robbie T. Nakatsu
  • Published in 2009
  • 320
Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists:Fundamental Principles and Applications for Biologists, Chemists, Computer Scientists, and Nanotech

Quantum Physics for Sc...

by Paul Sanghera
  • Published in 2011
  • 544

Showing 25 - 36 of 4665 results