Saraswati Raman

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"Saraswati Raman, a Sahaja yogi, lives in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Gifted with a spiritual bent mind, an uncanny intuition, and an extreme sensitivity, Saraswati is able to bring her abilities to pen down a few remarkable books on the evolution of the human being through energizing of the subtle energy centers in the human being. Having worked in a bank for over thirty years, her interactions with innumerable human beings at the workplace provided her the opportunity to observe human behavior and their frailties closely, making her deeply re?ective and considerate to constructively study the human side of spirituality. Saraswati Raman took up Sahaja yoga eighteen years ago, and her life changed dramatically. She was cured of schizophrenia, her career got uplifted, and she completed her MBA in ?nance and an MD in alternative medicine. There was an all-round integration of the personality, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. She has written four other books that are available on www.amazon.com both hard copy and e-book format and also through the publishers from their website www.authorhouse.co.uk. Contact author through [email protected] Visit the author?s website at www.saraswatiraman.com"