Sahaja Yoga
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"The book Sahaja Yoga: Healing and Integration of Your Subtle Energy System, written by Saraswati Raman, describes at length the process of activating the dormant Kundalini energy lying within the sacrum bone in each one of us and raising it upward through the chakras along the spinal column through the Sushumna Nadi until it reaches the Sahasrar, or the fontanel bone area, where it unites with the cosmic energy. She speaks of the various healing benefits of Sahaja Yoga: stress management and its utility in attaining an emotional balance.

The second part of the book deals with the use of sound, musical notes, and ragas in the activation and energizing of chakras. Music also has been widely used as therapy through its impact on the energy vortices and, thereby, its influence on the various glands and systems within the body.

The third part speaks about incarnations and how the various Avataras incarnated to give an impetus to evolution on earth more particularly toward helping the momentum in the evolution of humanity. The work is the outcome of her own application of Sahaja Yoga and its impact in bringing about an all-around integration of the personality?physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual."

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