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Rima Haidar-Duncan was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Her father was a Literature teacher and a writer who came from Feudal family that had a title name Bay or Bek. They came originally from the Beqaa valley. The family had different origins in blood. Her mother was a housewife who instilled in her a sense of pride. Rima's family lost the financial comfort for many reasons. Her country witnessed a bloody civil war that led to an economic crisis that depreciated the price of the Beqaa's lands. She worked for the English Department in Assafir Newspaper in Beirut. In the beginning, she wanted to be a professional theater actress. She acted in a Children's play for a professional theater. She didn't pursue the career. The situation in Lebanon escalated, and her family suggested for her to leave to Cypress. Rima didn't stay in Cypress. She traveled to different places, and one of the stations was Boston because she received the Hariri scholarship to study at Boston University. After that, Rima went to London, England but didn't want to stay there and came back to Boston then went later to Kansas and San Francisco and resided in Kansas there with her family and two girls. She worked as a freelance researcher for a while for a professor at Kuwait University. She began her writing in the 90s. Currently, she teaches at Wichita University for Intensive English Program and Communication in Butler Community College.