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Nadia and Tony are looking for a light when war and invasion are leaving a shadow of desensitization over the people of Lebanon. In the end, they try to keep hope during the 1982 invasion by looking to God, but the paradox is, the war is about God. Ibrahim's family is trying to escape their religious persecution, war, and despair. The characters are struggling against all odds to survive something they have no say. Jawaher Ibrahim needs to keep her family safe and survive the bombshells and the jetfighters attacks. Hashem tries to escape his country's ailments through drinking. Marwan is trying to keep the family together in the middle of gruesome bombings. Laila is fighting quietly for whatever is left of her family. They are all caught in a cobweb of intriguing events. They want to keep their humanity as they watch their friends and family damaged from the drugs, rape, and killings that coexist with their battle to reach a resolution. In all this whirlpool, love is blooming. Would love triumph over war?

Exhibited At: International book fairs