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Rohan Quine - Great Britain Book Author: Contact Details, Books, Biography

Rohan Quine

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Rohan Quine


Great Britain

Email [email protected]

Phone+44 (0)789 4455 451

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Rohan Quine grew up in South London, spent a couple of years in L.A. and then a decade in New York, where he ran around excitably, saying a few well-chosen words in various feature films and TV shows (see, such as "Zoolander", "Election", "Oz", "Third Watch", "100 Centre Street", "The Last Days of Disco", "The Basketball Diaries", "Spin City" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".

He’s now living back in East London, as an Imagination Thief. His novel "The Imagination Thief" is published in paperback, and also as an ebook containing h... View More »
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