Below Are Your Selected Attending Tradeshow

"Eva J-A. Showers has been a Teacher of Students who have Learning Challenges for over forty years. Her love of being able to make a difference in the lives of her students has filled her life with remarkable enlightenment! There have been various learning curves that enabled her to grow as an educator and develop awesome, lifelong friendships that she cherishes and keeps in her memory box of precious jewels. These experiences have taught her that there is a place and purpose in this world for every one of God?s creatures living, dead, great and small. Eva is mother to an adult daughter, Jenene, and Nann to granddaughter Karma-Jennai, with whom she enjoys spending time doing arts and craft projects. She can be found reading books about current issues and writing short stories with Karma-Jennai. Eva also enjoys writing poetry and has written poems for formal and informal occasions, including Celebration of Life Ceremonies. Born and raised in Bermuda she loves to travel and has visited many of the Caribbean Islands; most all of the United States of America, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico; Canada, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Outside of Bermuda she has resided in Jamaica, the U.S.A. and the U.K."