The Luv-A-Bugs
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"A neighbourhood of animals take on the responsibility of caring for the humans they interact with. They are ?Nature?s Critters? and know they have a purpose here on earth. Regular meetings are held at the Public Park Pond and matters concerning the residents on Unity Lane are addressed.

?Nature?s Critters? are tasked with spreading cheer and well wishes to their Humans by mysteriously delivering ?Luv-a-Bug? cards to homes on Unity Lane. Enjoy the adventures of these characters as you discover the Aim and Motto they live by. You may have to reconsider your belief if you think that these little creatures are pests and serve no purpose in your life.

This story will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you introduce your young person to new ways of showing compassion, empathy, sympathy and consideration towards family and friends but also to those little pesky critters that reside in our world with us.

Young readers will learn from hidden, fun educational skills such as counting, rhyming, time concepts and enthusiastic clichés and idioms. There are also tricky, irregular words for kids to learn to use that will increase their vocabulary and show them how to appropriately drop them into conversations, just to impress."

Exhibited At: International book fairs