Electronics with Discrete Components 1st edition
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Designed for a one semester course on electronics for physics and science majors, this text offers a comprehensive, up-to-date alternative to currently available texts by providing a modern approach to the course. It includes the mix of theory and practice that matches the typical electronics course syllabus with balanced coverage of both digital and analog electronics.


Professor Enrique J Galvez is an atomic and optical physics experimentalist. Recently his studies have focused on optics and quantum optics. These include fundamental studies of the geometric phase in optics, optical beams in high-order modes, singular optics, photon entanglement and studies of quantum interference with correlated photons. Prof. Galvez is also interested in physics education and in the development of new physics laboratories for undergraduates.
Recipient of the 2010 Award to Faculty Member for Research at an Undergraduate Institution from the American Physical Society.


1 The Basics.

2 Introduction to Digital Electronics.

3 Combinational Logic.

4 Advanced Combinational Devices.

5 Sequential Logic.

6 AC Signals.

7 Filters and the Frequency Domain.

8 Diodes.

9 Transistors.

10 Operational Amplifiers.

11 Connecting Digital to Analog and to the World.

Appendix A Logic Board.

Appendix B If the Circuit Does Not Work.

Appendix C Curve Tracker.