Strategic Fund Development, Third Edition + Web site: Building Profitable Relationships That Last
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More About This Title Strategic Fund Development, Third Edition + Web site: Building Profitable Relationships That Last


The completely revised and expanded edition of a fundraising classic

Strategic Fund Development became an instant classic the day the first edition was released. Now in this expanded third edition, it has been revised cover-to-cover with relevant new information and useful new tools and resources.

The book addresses the needs for fundraisers of every level of expertise. Experienced development officers find this an invaluable reference tool for educating their colleagues and boards. New fundraisers get firm grounding in best practice and what it really takes to do this work. Executive directors learn how fundraising fits into the organization and what it takes to make fundraising productive.

  • Contains in-depth analysis about what makes organizations effective, including things like leadership, organizational culture, decision-making processes, systems thinking, and well-managed change
  • Offers comprehensive strategic planning insights, with detailed steps, sample research tools, retreat agendas, and complete plans
  • Includes the same tools and resources for fundraising planning

This updated classic provides essential insights, with an extra bonus: purchasers get exclusive access to a website of tools and resources.


SIMONE P. JOYAUX, ACFRE, is recognized internationally as a speaker, author, and consultant. Her firm, Joyaux Associates, provides fundraising and organizational development services. She is the author of Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications and Stronger Relationships(Wiley). A frequent conference speaker, Ms. Joyaux also publishes an e-newsletter and writes a weekly blog on her website. In addition, she is a web columnist for the Nonprofit Quarterly. Visit for more information.



Preface: Do You Need this Book?


About the Author.

Chapter 1: Let's Start Here: An Important Introduction.

Appendix A-1: The Myth of “More Visibility” and “Greater Community Awareness”.

Chapter 2: Positioning Your Organization to Survive: The Four Relationships That Are Critical to Effective and Productive Fund Development (and Healthy Organizations).

Chapter 3: The First Relationship – Within Your Organization: Creating the Infrastructure That Produces a Healthy Organization.

Appendix 3-A: Questions for Building an Effective Board.

Appendix 3-B: Consensus Decision Making.

Chapter 4: The Fund Development Professional: Choosing Your Road – Organizational Development Specialist or Just another Fundraising Technician.

Appendix 4-A: Job Description for Chief Development Officer.

Chapter 5: The Art of Leadership: A Critical Component of the First Relationship.

Chapter 6: The Second Relationship – With Your Community: Ensuring Your Organization's Relevance through Strategic Planning.

Appendix 6-A: Governance Self-Assessment.

Appendix6-B: Focus Group and Key Informant Questions for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and the Steel Yard.

Appendix 6-C: Sample retreat formats.

Appendix 6-D: Strategic Planning Retreat Agenda for the Steel Yard.

Appendix 6-E: Strategic Plan for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

Chapter 7: The Third Relationship – With Your Constituents: Nurturing Relationships to Build Loyalty.

Appendix 7-A: Cultivation Ideas.

Chapter 8: The Fourth Relationship – With Your Volunteers: Enabling Them to Take Meaningful Action on Behalf of Your Organization.

Appendix 8-A: Passionate Board Member Running Wild: A Real-Life Story with an Enabling Response.

Appendix 8-B: Assess Your Performance as an Enabler.

Entr’acte: Bridging the Gap.

Chapter 9: Creating the Most Effective Fund Development Plan for Your Organization: A Plan That Produces Ownership and Results.

Appendix 9-A: Creating an effective fund development program.

Appendix 9-B: Job description of the Fund Development Committee.

Appendix 9-C: Strategy Analysis grid (with measures) for the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

Appendix 9-D: Fund Development Plan for the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island.

Chapter 10: Going Back to the Beginning:  In Conclusion.

List of Appendices on the Companion Website.