The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management: A Strategic Plan to Leverage Your Company's Intellectual Capital
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More About This Title The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management: A Strategic Plan to Leverage Your Company's Intellectual Capital


A straightforward guide to leveraging your company's intellectual capital by creating a knowledge management culture

The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management offers managers the tools they need to create an organizational culture that improves knowledge sharing, reuse, learning, collaboration, and innovation to ensure mesurable growth. Written by internationally recognized knowledge management pioneers, it addresses all those topics in knowledge management that a manager needs to ensure organizational success.

  • Provides plenty of real-life examples and case studies
  • Includes interviews with prominent managers who have successfully implemented knowledge management structures within their organizations
  • Offers chapters composed of short theoretical explanations and practical methods that you can utilize, based primarily on hands-on author experience

Taking an intellectual journey into knowledge management, beginning with an understanding of the concept of intellectual capital and how to establish an appropriate culture, this book looks at the human aspects of managing knowledge workers, promoting interactions for knowledge creation and sharing.


EDNA PASHER is the founder and President of Edna Pasher PhD & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in knowledge management. She is a member of the IC Pioneers community and is active in the international network on knowledge management and intellectual capital.

TUVYA RONEN is a Vice President in Rafael, one of Israel's leading aerospace companies, where he is now the head of an R&D center of 1,500 engineers and scientists. Dr. Ronen has more than thirty years of experience as a project manager of multi-million dollar projects and as a line manager of large multidisciplinary R&D departments.



Preface: Getting Started on Your Knowledge Management Journey.

Chapter 1: The Motivation toward Knowledge Management: Combining the Tactical with the Strategic.

Chapter 2: Making the Business Case for Managing Intellectual Capital.

Chapter 3: The Importance of Strategy in Knowledge Management.

Chapter 4: The Role of Culture in a Successful Knowledge-Creating and Knowledge-Sharing Organization.

Chapter 5: The Human Focus: Understanding and Managing Knowledge Workers.

Chapter 6: Managing Interactions for Knowledge Creation and Sharing.

Chapter 7: Capturing and Reusing Knowledge.

Chapter 8: The Customer Focus: Harnessing Customer Knowledge through Meaningful Interactions.

Chapter 9: Measuring and Managing the Performance of Proper Knowledge Work.

Chapter 10: Innovating for a New Beginning.

Conclusion: Implementing Knowledge Management: A Step-by-Step Process.

Appendix: Defining Key Terms.