Championship Selling: A Blueprint for Winning WithToday's Customer
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More About This Title Championship Selling: A Blueprint for Winning WithToday's Customer


If the process of buying and selling makes the world go round, then why does it have such a lousy reputation? Customers are wary of those who come selling, and salespeople have become embarrassed by their roles. Reversing this trend means adopting a new mindset, different processes, and fresh disciplines. In Championship Selling, three of North America’s most respected sales leaders offer a powerful, yet remarkably simple, vision of what it means to sell, as well as innovative techniques and tools for establishing mutually productive relationships with customers.

Most selling today is the same as it has always been — transactional. That is, the salesperson tries everything to get a foot in the door, follow their own agenda, close the deal and move on. However, transformational selling focuses on listening to, and working with, the customer to build enduring relationships that are valuable to both parties, and last far beyond the first transaction. Championship Selling portrays sales as a complex, vital, ongoing process, and outlines techniques and exercises to help salespeople, and their companies, evolve from a transactional mentality to a transformational one, for better long-term results.

Praise for Championship Selling

"Every business leader and sales professional will benefit from Championship Selling."
—Jeffrey J. Fox , bestselling author of How to Become a Rainmaker

"Championship Selling provides a comprehensive framework for individuals and entire companies to build lasting value. Read this book if you don't want to be left behind."
—Mike Charette, Vice President Customer Development - Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson

"Championship Selling will help you see the customer in a refreshing new light."
—Tom Greco, Senior Vice President Sales, Frito-Lay North America

"Forget books on getting the customer to see it your way. Championship Selling tells you something much more valuable: how to see it the customer's way."
—George Cooke, CEO, Dominion of Canada General Insurance

"The concepts in Championship Selling speak directly to the shift companies need to adopt if they want to position themselves for success in today's environment."
—Steve Fox, Senior Vice President Customer Business Development, Nestlé

"Sales leaders of the future will need to become customer general managers. Championship Selling will get them on the right road – fast."
—Tom Muccio, former President Global Customer Teams, Procter & Gamble

"You'll never look at customers the same way again."
—Tim Boissinot, Executive Vice President, Quebecor

"Championship Selling gives you the tools to create enduring, sustainable value. If you want a leadership edge, this is the book to get."
—Kevin Cashman, CEO, LeaderSource and bestselling author of Leadership from the Inside Out


About the Authors

Founder, President & CEO of Optimé International, Tom Blake has nearly three decades of experience in leadership, development and sales, including 18 years with Procter & Gamble. Tom's blend of candor, enthusiasm and inspiration has helped numerous organizations achieve breakthrough results in business and personal development. Tom and his wife Suzanne live in Toronto and have four children and two grandchildren.

Tom Hodson is Executive Vice President of Optimé International, where he spearheads the company's strategic consulting practice, advising top companies throughout North America on sales and marketing issues. Prior to joining Optimé, Tom enjoyed a successful 16-year career as a top sales and customer marketing leader for Procter & Gamble. Tom and his wife Joanne live with their four children in Calgary, Alberta.

Tony Enrico is Vice President of Optimé International's U.S. consulting practice. Before joining Optimé, Tony spent 15 years with Johnson & Johnson, where he was consistently recognized as a top performer in a variety of sales and senior leadership roles. Tony and his wife Michelle live with their two sons in Coto de Caza, California.





1. Embracing the Shift.

2. Making the Connection.

3. Changing the Focus.

4. Building the Structure.

5. Unleashing the Power.


6. Perspective: Embedding Championship DNA.

7. Playing Catch: The Heart of Championship Selling.

8. Preparation: Developing a Plan for Strategic Customer Management.

9. Cresting the Performance  Pyramid: Process and Presenting.

10. Seizing the Challenge.