Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in onAsia's Innovation Boom
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More About This Title Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in onAsia's Innovation Boom


Find out where the new innovation hot spots are, what the next consumer waves will be, and where to catch them

Asia's innovation hot spots are fast emerging as first-choice destinations for bright, young entrepreneurs. From Taiwan to Singapore, technology center hubs are forming to rival the original Silicon Valley. Startup Asia gives you a close-up view into the key growth trends shaping entrepreneurship in China and India, plus the new frontier market of Vietnam.

Showing how entrepreneurs and investors can start up in Asia and go global, the book provides a first-hand, on-the-ground tour of the new technology centers that are gaining momentum all over Asia. Interviews with the most successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs reveal their winning strategies and show how a new generation of entrepreneurs in China and India are no longer looking to the West for their cues—but are instead crafting their own local business models and success strategies.

  • Shows entrepreneurs and investors how they can pursue their dreams of launching successful start-ups in Asia
  • Reveals that many of the same venture investors that first funded young businesses in Silicon Valley moved into China, then India, and are now finding their way to Vietnam
  • Addresses the risks of doing business in Asia's developing markets, including lack of intellectual property protection, political and regulatory shifts, bribery, and corruption

From high-profile Forbes contributor Rebecca Fannin, Startup Asia is the essential guide for anyone looking to trek into this new frontier.


Rebecca A. Fannin is the author of Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008), a contributor to Forbes, and a consultant and public speaker. Her news and events group, Silicon Asia,, publishes e-newsletters and research, and develops conferences in tech hotspots. Since 1992, she has been reporting on innovation, technology and emerging economies. A former international editor at Red Herring, the Pulitzer-owned International Business, AdAge and the Asian Venture Capital Journal, Rebecca has also contributed to Inc., Worth, Fast Company, Chief Executive, The Deal, and Harvard Business Review and has appeared as a commentator on Fox Business News, Sky TV and CCTV. She has lectured at several universities, including Yale, Columbia and Harvard and her speaking engagements include the Asia Society, World Affairs Council, Overseas Press Club, the Foreign Correspondents Club, World Affairs Forum, the Northwest China Council, Vancouver Trade Club and Harvard Club. Rebecca has also consulted for KPMG, Econsultancy and Sony Ericsson among others and has testified as an expert witness on China’s Internet before a U.S.-China Trade Commission in Washington D.C. Originally from Lancaster, Ohio, Rebecca resides in New York City and San Francisco. She enjoys frequent reporting trips to China, India and other emerging markets.


Foreword by Kai-Fu Lee xv

Introduction 1


Chapter 1 China's Next Generation Tech Stars 11

Chapter 2 India Emerges to Narrow the Gap 47

Chapter 3 Vietnam: The Next Frontier 77


Chapter 4 Catch the Mobile Boom 103

Chapter 5 Get In on the Cleantech Boom 115

Chapter 6 Ride the Consumer Wave 131

Chapter 7 Create a Niche in a Proven Sector: Outsourcing 143


Chapter 8 Tap into Government Incubators 153

Chapter 9 Become the Next Twitter, LinkedIn, or Groupon for Asia 167

Chapter 10 Originate a Breakthrough Discovery 179

Chapter 11 Take Your Startup Public on the NYSE or NASDAQ 189

Chapter 12 Go Global from Asia 203

Afterword 213

Acknowledgments 215

Notes 219

About the Author 229

Index 231


"Rebecca Fannin has established herself as the preeminent expert on the emerging innovation economies of Asia. There is no better guide to understanding the countries and companies that are commercializing the disruptive technologies and ideas of the future."
Jason Pontin Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Technology Review

"Rebecca Fannin, who caught the early waves of the Chinese Internet boom with her book Silicon Dragon, shows why we now need to be paying attention to VIC (Vietnam, India and China) in her forward-looking book Startup Asia. With diligent on-the-ground reporting and hard-won access, Fannin follows the money — the smart money of VCs who made money on both the U.S. and China Internet booms — to see where we should be placing our next bets in the world of technology."
Gady Epstein Correspondent, The Economist

"Startup Asia starts out with a bang and picks up steam from there. Rebecca Fannin has done her homework. She catches the Asian markets, as she takes the reader through China, India and Vietnam. The force of Asian innovation and market presence will be with us forever. You'll be well served by reading this excellent work and getting to know some of the players involved."
Dick Kramlich Chairman and Co-Founder, NEA

"Startup Asia takes readers on a whirlwind tour of the kaleidoscope of tech startups and venture activity across Asia. Only Ms. Fannin can combine facts, data and compelling personal stories of entrepreneurs in Asia into such a rewarding read. Should be on the Kindle shelf for every business school course on Asia or entrepreneurship."
Ron Schramm Professor, Columbia Business School and Chinese European International Business School

"Startup Asia is a must read! The shift of entrepreneurial activity to Asia is dramatically changing investment opportunities. No one has done more field research or has more thoughtful analysis and insights on this dramatic change than Rebecca Fannin!"
Patrick J. McGovern Founder and Chairman, International Data Group

"Rebecca Fannin delivers an inspirational journey from tech parks in India to half-constructed offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Startup Asia is a splendidly woven narrative of the leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and thinkers who are shaping the future that is being invented in Asia and envied around the globe."
Tony Nash Global Director, Custom Research, Economist Intelligence Unit