The Globalization of Chinese Companies: Strategies For Conquering International Markets
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More About This Title The Globalization of Chinese Companies: Strategies For Conquering International Markets


China business experts analyze the next wave of Chinese corporate giants as they emerge into the global marketplace

The rise of China and its major corporations will be a key economic development in this century. Even as leading Chinese firms show their muscle through ambitious acquisitions of firms like Thinkpad and RCA, many western investors and business leaders know little or nothing about them. This book looks at the rise of Chinese firms, who they are, how they'll change the global competitive landscape, their strengths and weaknesses, and how established western firms might meet the challenges and opportunities this trend presents.

Throughout the book, the authors examine and highlight the major differences between Chinese and western firms, particularly differences related to corporate leadership and organizational structure, how and why they choose M&A targets, global workforces, and political issues like unionization.

  • A comprehensive, expert examination of emerging Chinese global corporations and how they will affect the global economy
  • Ideal for investors and executives of western companies
  • Written by a team of top China business experts and curated by the editor of the Chinese edition of the Harvard Business Review

For anyone who wants to understand the future of Chinese companies and the opportunities and challenges their global emergence will present, The Globalization of Chinese Companies offers comprehensive, expert insight.


Arthur Yeung is Phillips Chair Professor of HRM at CEIBS and ex-CHO of Acer Group, specializing in organizational capability and globalization of Chinese firms. Author of several award-winning articles and nine books, Dr. Yeung was featured as an “Executive Development Guru” by Business Horizon. He sits on editorial boards of five international academic journals and serves as independent board member for five corporations and one non-profit organization.

Katherine Xin is Professor of Management at CEIBS and the editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review (China). For the last two decades, Dr. Xin worked and lived in the US, Europe and Asia conducting research, teaching and consulting for multinational companies and global Chinese enterprises. She has published extensively and was previously on the faculties of IMD in Switzerland, the University of Southern California, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her current research and consulting focus is on leadership, performance management and talent strategy.

Dr. Waldemar A. Pfoertsch is Research Fellow at CEIBS Shanghai, China, and Professor for international Business at the Pforzheim University, Germany. He was Associate Professor of Marketing at CEIBS from 2007 to 2010. Dr. Pfoertsch is the author of various books and numerous articles. The most current books are Ingredient Branding: Making the Invisible Visible, and B2B Brand Management, which he co-authored with Philip Kotler. He has also published textbooks about Business-to-Business marketing, social marketing, internet and internationalization strategies.

Dr. Shengjun Liu id Deputy Director of CEIBS Case Center and CEIBS Lujiazui International Finance Research Center. His books include China CEO: A Case Guide to Business Leaders in China, Flowers and Thorns: Globalization of Chinese Companies; Power of Management:Institutional Solutions to China’s Economic Challenges, etc. Dr. Liu is also a columnist for many Chinese leading media.




Chapter 1: Reaching Out.

Chapter 2: Realities and Aspirations.

Chapter 3: The Strategic Choices: Think Before You Jump.

Chapter 4: All Roads Lead to Rome: Paths to Globalization.

Chapter 5: People First: Building Global Competence.

Chapter 6: Unity in Diversity: Shaping a Global Mindset.

Chapter 7: Providing the Right Support: Structuring Global Governance.

Chapter 8: China-rooted Global Outreach.

Appendix 1: China National Aviation: A Comprehensive Strategy.

Appendix 2: CIMC Realizes Globalization with a National Competitive Edge.

Appendix 3: The Utilization of Overseas Resources by CIMC.

Appendix 4: ZPMC’s Global Strategy.

Appendix 5: China Mobile: Using Global Capital Resources to Build Value.

Appendix 6: Forming Strategic Alliances the Galanz Way.

Appendix 7: Trend Micro’s Hybrid Team.

Appendix 8: Talent Development in the Lenovo Group.

Appendix 9: Chinese Global Fortune Companies 2008/09.

Appendix 10: Self-assessment.

Appendix 11: Action Plan.