Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors: Stopthe Bleeding, Start the Healing and Get YourPortfolio on the Road to Recovery
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More About This Title Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors: Stopthe Bleeding, Start the Healing and Get YourPortfolio on the Road to Recovery


Praise for the previous edition, Portfolio First Aid

"I'd categorize Portfolio First Aid as a serious investment primer that has the laudable, if ambitious, goal of raising the sophistication level of the general public."
Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post

"Portfolio First Aid has the right pedigree as an advice tome on healthy investing. Covers the bases of portfolio balance, building wealth, investing for income and managing risk."
The Edmonton Journal

The financial meltdown has taken a severe toll on the finances of Canadians, and on their confidence in financial and investment advisors. Canadians need help to learn how to diagnose what is the greatest threat to their long-term financial well-being and to follow a course of treatment to recovery.

Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors is for all the battered and bloodied investors whose portfolios are in tatters and who lack direction about what to do next. By examining the lessons to be learned from mistakes made in both good and bad markets, the authors address the common and recurring investment blunders they have witnessed over many years, and offer a clear prescription for how to repair wounded portfolios.


Michael Graham, Ph.D., is currently President of Michael Graham Investment Services Inc., an investment counseling firm which he formed in late 2007 to continue a career in the Canadian investment industry that dates back to 1962. Senior industry positions have included Director of Research at Wood Gundy, Chairman of Investment Strategy at Dominion Securities, Director of Investment Support at Merrill Lynch Canada and Director of Private Client Investing at Midland Walwyn. He is a longstanding Contributing Editor of The MoneyLetter and a columnist for Advocis' FORUM magazine, and has appeared frequently on radio and television, most recently the Money Talk show on BNN. He is also a frequent speaker to groups within the financial services industry.

Bryan Snelson is Vice President, Financial Advisor, and Branch Manager with Raymond James Ltd. He reaches over 500,000 listeners per week on Toronto radio station JAZZFM91 with his twice-daily market reports and weekly radio commentary, "Portfolio First Aid." Bryan appears frequently on CBC Newsworld and The National, and is a contributor to The MoneyLetter. He has spoken to many national and regional organizations on investing, including The Canadian Bar Association, The Ontario Nurses' Association, and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.

Cindy David, CFP, CLU, is Vice President, Estate Planning Advisor, with Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd., with 15 years of financial planning experience. She is an accomplished speaker and frequent member of industry panel discussions. She has had articles featured in industry publications, local newspapers, and client newsletters.





Chapter 1: The Past Is Prescient: Let History Be Your Guide.

Chapter 2: Trust, but Verify.

Chapter 3: Self-Inflicted Wounds: The Most Common Strategic Errors Made by Investors.

Chapter 4: Tactical Errors: Mind Over Matter.


Chapter 5: You Need Professional Help!

Chapter 6: It's Always About You: Working With an Advisor.

Chapter 7: Balancing Act: Asset Allocation Srategies to Minimize Risk and Maximize Return.

Chapter 8: Show Me the Money:Investing for Income.

Chapter 9: Building Blocks of Wealth: Ownership Through Equities.

Chapter 10: Toys in the Attic: Three Ways to Own Equities Indirectly.

Chapter 11: Running With Scissors: Prescriptions for Managing Risk.

Chapter 12: Gimme Shelter! Using Insurance to Protect Your Assets From Risk.


Chapter 13: The Unfair Advantage: Using Reliable Research to Make Better Decisions.

Chapter 14: Pay to Play:Fees and Commissions.

Chapter 15: What's Your Number? Benchmarking Performance.

Chapter 16: Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Investment Policy Statements.

Chapter 17: Outpatient Treatment.


About the Authors.