Schiff's Diseases of the Liver 11e
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More About This Title Schiff's Diseases of the Liver 11e


For over 50 years covering 10 previous editions, Schiff's Diseases of the Liver has provided hepatologists with an outstanding evidence-based clinical reference work covering all aspects of liver disease, and is without doubt one of the world’s leading hepatology textbooks.  Now fully revised and updated, it will serve as your first-stop reference for today’s demanding clinical situations.

With a strong clinical focus, Schiff’s Diseases of the Liver covers anatomy, pathology, testing, imaging, and effects of liver disease on other organs, before moving on to sections that address specific diseases and clinical syndromes.  Its enormous appeal has been due to the clarity of text, combined with the sheer thoroughness of its breadth of content. Key features include:

An attractive full color design throughoutInformative section overviews for each sectionConcise key concepts box in every chapterTreatment guidelines and management algorithms for every diseaseA full liver transplant section

This 11th edition sees all existing chapters fully revised and refreshed with the very latest in clinical information from the world’s leading hepatologists. Also new to this edition is a companion website containing a variety of important extra materials, including:

Approximately 100 multiple choice questions of the standard used in ABIM board exams in gastroenterology, to allow the user to self-assess their clinical knowledge All 450+ figures from the book in a high-quality, fully transportable and downloadable electronic formatHigh-quality video clips of a variety of surgical procedures, all fully linked to the text35 case studies featuring real-life clinical scenarios. 

Schiff’s Diseases of the Liver remains the key textbook for all gastroenterologists and hepatologists, in training or fully qualified, managing patients with liver disease.


Part I: Overview: Clinical Fundamentals of Hepatology

1. History Taking and Physical Examination for the Patient with Liver Disease (Norton J. Greenberger)

2. Laboratory Tests (H. Franklin Herlong and Mack C. Mitchell Jr)

3. Liver Biopsy and Laparoscopy (Alyson N. Fox, Lennox J. Jeffers and K. Rajender Reddy)

4. Non-Invasive and Invasive Imaging of the Liver and Biliary Tract (Kunal Jajoo, Kevin Mennitt and Ira Jacobson)

Part II: General Considerations

5. Physioanatomic Considerations (Ian R. Wanless)

6. Bilirubin Metabolism and Jaundice (Allan W, Wolkoff and Paul D. Berk)

7. Hepatic Histopathology (Zachary D. Goodman)

8. Mechanisms of Liver Injury (Harmeet Malhi and Gregory J. Gores)

9. Hepatic Manifestations of Systemic Disorders (Stuart C. Gordon and Hemal K. Patel)

10. Hepatobiliary Complications of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (Josh Levitsky and Natasha Walzer)

11. The Liver in Pregnancy (Yannick Bacq)

Part III: Consequences of Liver Disease

12. Hepatic Fibrosis (Scott L. Friedman)

13. Preoperative Evaluation of the Patient with Liver Disease (Lawrence S. Friedman)

14. Portal Hypertension: Non-Surgical and Surgical Management(Hitoshi Maruyama and Arun J. Sanyal)

15. Renal Complications of Liver Disease and the Hepatorenal Syndrome (Florence Wong)

16. Pulmonary Manifestations of Liver Disease (Rajan Kochar and Michael B. Fallon)

17. Ascites and Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis (Bruce A. Runyon)

18. Hepatic Encephalopathy (Ravi K. Prakash and Kevin D. Mullen)

19. Acute Liver Failure (Anne M. Larson)

Part IV: Cholestatic Disorders

20. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (Douglas L. Nguyen, Nicholas F. LaRusso and Konstantinos N. Lazaridis)

21. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (Stephen P. James)

22. Autoimmune Hepatitis (Edward L. Krawitt)

Part V: Viral Hepatitis

23. Hepatitis A and E (Joshua Watson and Maria H. Sjogren)

24. Hepatitis B and D (Anna S.F. Lok and Francesco Negro)

25. Hepatitis C (Jama M. Darling, Stanley M. Lemon and Michael W. Fried)

Part VI: Alcohol and Drug-induced Liver Disease

26. Alcoholic Liver Disease (Srinivasan Dasarathy and Arthur J. McCullough)

27. Drug-induced Liver Disease (Shivakumar Chitturi and Geoffrey C. Farrell)

28. Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (Paul B. Watkins)

Part VII: Genetic and Metabolic Disease

29. Wilson Disease (Michael L. Schilsky and Anthony S. Tavill)

30. Hemochromatosis and Iron Storage Disorders (Bruce R. Bacon and Robert S. Britton)

31. α1-Antitrypsin Deficiency (David H. Perlmutter)

32. Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) (Stephen H. Caldwell, Curtis K. Argo and Abdullah M.S. Al-Osaimi)

Part VIII: Vascular Diseases of the Liver

33. Vascular Diseases of the Liver (Ranjeeta Bahirwani, Mark A. Rosen and Thomas W. Faust)

34. The Liver in Circulatory Failure (Santiago J. Munoz, Jonathan M. Fenkel and Kiley Kolb)

Part IX: Benign and Malignant Tumors: Cystic Disorders

35. Benign Tumors, Nodules and Cystic Diseases of the Liver (Adrian M. Di Bisceglie and Alex S. Befeler)

36. Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Alejandro Forner, Carmen Ayuso and Jordi Bruix)

37. Surgical Options in Liver Cancers (B. Daniel Campos and Jean F. Botha)

Part X: Infectious and Granulomatous Disease

38. Amoebic and Pyogenic Liver Abscesses (Marco A. Olivera-Martínez and David Kershenobich)

39. Parasitic Diseases (Michael A. Dunn)

40. Granulomas of the Liver (James H. Lewis)

41. Hepatobiliary Manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (Marie-Louise Vachon, Ponni Perumalswami and Douglas T. Dieterich)

Part XI: Elements of Liver Transplantation

42. Selection and Timing of Liver Transplantation (Richard B. Freeman Jr)

43. Immunosuppression: The Global Picture (Russell H. Wiesner)

44. The First Six Months Following Liver Transplantation (Rajender Reddy and Manuel Mendizabal)

45. Long-Term Management of the Liver Transplant Patient (Timothy M. McCashland)

46. The Liver Transplant Procedure (Bijan Eghtesad and John J. Fung)

47. Recurrent Disease Following Liver Transplantation (Kymberly D.S. Watt and Marie A. Laryea)

48. The Role of Retransplantation (Peter L. Abt and Kim M. Olthoff)

49. Controversies in Liver Transplantation (James F. Trotter)


“It is one of the most practical and versatile texts available focused on the clinical practice of hepatology. Although some have argued that we are now being educated via electronic means more than ever, this text provides the reader with a classic textbook, and it should be considered to be an essential component of all updated hepatology libraries.”  (Gastroenterology, 1 August 2013)

“This is a well-written update that justifies replacing the previous edition. I know I will consult my copy on a frequent basis -- an unusual event in this era of online material, although this edition does include access to an online version with many additional resources.”  (Doody’s, 19 October 2012)