Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day: School Leaders Who Are Making Equity a Reality
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More About This Title Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day: School Leaders Who Are Making Equity a Reality


Urban school superintendents face unprecedented challenges. They must ensure that all students achieve a high level of performance despite a lack of resources, the intractable problems of race and poverty, a chaotic governance structure, and the often conflicting demands of teachers, parents, unions, and the community. This important book, edited by the co-directors of the prestigious Harvard Urban Superintendents Program (USP), explores the ways in which superintendents can make a difference in the lives of each child, every day, by being knowledgeable about and driven by what happens in the classroom.

The editors and distinguished contributors cover a wide range of vital topics that superintendents face from the day they are hired to the day they retire, such as how superintendents can most effectively communicate their vision, plan strategically, institute instructional reform, engage the community, and allocate resources. The book is filled with illustrative examples of well-known superintendents who are trailblazing new means to achieve educational fairness for all children and are changing the landscape of urban school systems today. In addition, Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day highlights the Urban Superintendents Program's Leadership Framework, which is designed to aid administrators and educators in decision making and achieving equity. An ancillary CD containing teaching notes and exhibits is also included (in the print edition only) as an aid to teachers who wish to scaffold material discussed in the text.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. These materials will be made available for download upon purchase of the digital edition

Co-published with Education Week and the American Association of School Administrators.


Robert S. Peterkin, EdD, and Deborah Jewell-Sherman, EdD, are co-directors of the Harvard Urban Superintendents Program (USP).

Laura Kelley and Leslie Boozer are both aspiring superintendents and doctoral candidates studying educational leadership in USP at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Established in 1990, the Harvard USP is recognized as the nation's premier program for preparing individuals to lead urban school districts.


About the AASA, Education Week, and Education Week Press.

CD Contents.

Preface: The Superintendent of Learning: A New Way of Leading School Systems (Paul D. Houston).


ONE The Urban Superintendents Program Leadership Framework (Larry Leverett).

TWO A Superintendent’s Entry (Leslie Boozer).

THREE Communicating the Vision.

Breathing Life into Your Vision (Holly Weeks).

Meria Joel Carstarphen, St. Paul Public Schools: Where Imagination Meets Destination (Leslie Boozer and Laura Kelley).

Communicating to Change the Culture (Brian G. Osborne).

FOUR Strategic Planning.

Planning to Succeed: Strategic Approaches for Every Superintendent (Janice Jackson).

Maria Goodloe-Johnson, Seattle Public Schools: The Strategy Behind the Plan (Leslie Boozer and Laura Kelley).

The Best Laid Plans . . . (Maree Sneed).

FIVE Instructional Improvement.

Leading Learning in Urban Schools (Richard F. Elmore).

Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Richmond Public Schools: Getting to the Heart of the Work (Kristy Cooper, Laura Kelley, Leslie Boozer, and Aaliyah El-Amin).

Building New Structures and Options for Success (Rudy F. Crew).

SIX School Boards and Unions.

Moving Ahead with School Boards and Teachers Unions (Susan Moore Johnson).

Andr´ es Alonso, Baltimore City Public Schools: The Superintendent and Board Partnership (Laura Kelley and Leslie Boozer).

Pragmatic Radicalism: The Superintendent as Catalyst, Capacity Builder, and Concertmaster (Joshua P. Starr).

SEVEN Realigning Resources.

Strategic Resource Allocation: The Superintendent’s Perspective (James P. Honan).

Arlene Ackerman, School District of Philadelphia: The Quest for Educational Equity (Leslie Boozer and Laura Kelley).

The Equity Fight in Utica, Michigan (Christine M. Johns).

EIGHT Community Engagement.

Why Family and Community Partnerships Are Important to District Reform (Karen L. Mapp).

Beverly Hall, Atlanta Public Schools: From the Living Room to the Boardroom (Laura Kelley, Leslie Boozer, and Drew Echelson).

Hit the Ground Listening (Carol Johnson and Michele Brooks).

NINE Scaling Up.

Scaling Up: The Key to School Improvement (Robert S. Peterkin).

Rudy Crew, New York City Public Schools: Instilling Success in Every School (Laura Kelley and Leslie Boozer).

Scaling Up Connections (Amalia Cudeiro).

TEN Sustaining Improvement over Time.

Replicating the ‘‘Long Beach Way’’ (Carl A. Cohn).

Chris Steinhauser, Long Beach Unified School District: Eluding the Allure of Quick Fixes (Leslie Boozer and Laura Kelley).

Building and Sustaining Improvement over Time: The Austin Story (Pascal D. Forgione Jr. ).

ELEVEN Exiting the Superintendency (Laura Kelley).

Epilogue: Demography Is Not Destiny! (Deborah Jewell-Sherman).

About the Authors and Subjects of the Case Studies.

What’s on the CD and How to Use It.



Praise for Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day

"This comprehensive, compelling, and timely new book will appeal to all readers who care about public education in America. It provides evidence based on proven strategies for change and improvement in urban schools, which when applied can result in all students achieving at higher levels."?Tom Payzant, professor of practice, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day is an essential resource for every educator, policymaker, and child advocate committed to transforming our nation's schools and preparing every child for the future."?Marian Wright Edelman, president, Children's Defense Fund

"Leading change in an urban school district is more complex and challenging than most people realize. This must-read book for any current or future superintendent provides practical, real-world advice by experts who know what they're talking about."?Joel I. Klein, chancellor, New York City Department of Education

"Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day demonstrates through case studies and expert analyses the impressive educational gains children can make when the best educational research, policy, and practice are aligned. This volume is a valuable resource to aspiring leaders, educational researchers, and current practitioners and a must-read for anyone who cares about our public education system."?Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University