Impedance Spectroscopy with Application to Electrochemical and Dielectric Phenomena
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More About This Title Impedance Spectroscopy with Application to Electrochemical and Dielectric Phenomena


This book presents a balance of theoretical considerations and practical problem solving of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. This book incorporates the results of the last two decades of research on the theories and applications of impedance spectroscopy, including more detailed reviews of the impedance methods applications in industrial colloids, biomedical sensors and devices, and supercapacitive polymeric films. The book covers all of the topics needed to help readers quickly grasp how to apply their knowledge of impedance spectroscopy methods to their own research problems. It also helps the reader identify whether impedance spectroscopy may be an appropriate method for their particular research problem. This includes understanding how to correctly make impedance measurements, interpret the results, compare results with expected previously published results form similar chemical systems, and use correct mathematical formulas to verify the accuracy of the data.


Unique features of the book include theoretical considerations for dealing with modeling, equivalent circuits, and equations in the complex domain, review of impedance instrumentation, best measurement methods for particular systems and alerts to potential sources of errors, equations and circuit diagrams for the most widely used impedance models and applications, figures depicting impedance spectra of typical materials and devices, extensive references to the scientific literature for more information on particular topics and current research, and a review of related techniques and impedance spectroscopy modifications.


Vadim F. Lvovich is currently a Chief Principal Engineer in the Aerospace and Electronics division of Crane Corporation. He also holds a position as an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. His career has encompassed a number of senior level research and development positions in specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, biomedical devices, sensors, and electronics industries. He has authored over forty major research publications and review chapters, received nine patents, and given thirty major conference presentations.


Preface ix

1. Fundamentals of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 1

2. Graphical representation of impedance spectroscopy data 23

3. Equivalent-circuit elements and modeling of the impedance phenomenon 37

4. Examples of ideal equivalent circuit models 49

5. Impedance representation of bulk-material and electrode processes 59

6. Distributed impedance models 97

7. Impedance analysis of complex systems 113

8. Impedance Instrumentation, testing, and data validation 163

9. Selected examples of impedance-analysis applications: electroactive polymer films 205

10. Selected examples of EIS analysis applications: industrial colloids and lubricants 219

11. Selected examples of EIS analysis applications: cell suspensions, protein adsorption, and implantable biomedical devices 247

12. Selected examples of impedance-analysis applications 281

13. Impedance-spectroscopy modifications 319

14. Conclusions and perspectives of EIS 333

Abbreviations and Symbols 335

Index 345