Transition Economies: Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia
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More About This Title Transition Economies: Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia


Transition Economies provides students with an up-to-date and highly comprehensive analysis of the economic transformation in former communist countries of Eastern and Central Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union. With coverage extending from the end of central planning to the capitalist varieties of the present, this text provides a comparative analysis of economic transformation and political-economic diversity that has emerged as a direct result.  It covers differences between countries in terms of economic performance and integration into the world economy.  Transition Economies seeks to explain and deepen understanding of these differences, chart the emerging forms of capitalism there, and provide country responses to the world financial crisis of 2008-2009.


Martin Myant graduated in Economics from the University of Cambridge in 1971 and completed a PhD in modern Czechoslovak history at the University of Glasgow in 1978. He taught Economics from 1978 to 2012. His main research has been on Eastern and Central Europe, especially the former Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.



Part I:  The political economy of state socialism

Chapter 1:  The system of state socialism

Chapter 2:  The successes and failures of central planning

Chapter 3:  From reform to breakdown

Part II:  Macro-economic transformations: From shock to recovery

Chapter 4:  The courses of transition

Part III:  Transition: Policies and alternatives

Chapter 5:  A strategy for transition

Chapter 6:  Alternatives and adaptations

Part IV:  The state

Chapter 7:  State capacity and the rule of law

Chapter 8:  State consolidation: Russia in a comparative perspective

Chapter 9:  Economic role of the state

Chapter 10:  Welfare states and regimes

Part V:  Micro-economic evolution: New forms of business

Chapter 11:  Enterprises: Shock and survival

Chapter 12:  The growth of new business

Chapter 13:  Privatization

Chapter 14:  A new banking system

Chapter 15:  Enterprises in the period of economic recovery

Part VI:   Conclusions

Chapter 16: Emerging Varieties of Capitalism

Chapter 17: The Financial Crisis and a Verdict on Transition

Data appendix