Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks
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What telecommunications professionals need to know about nonlinearoptical communication systems

This book responds to the need for a coherent approach to nonlinearoptical communication systems. It gives telecommunicationsresearchers and engineers a handle on the unique problems presentedby the proliferation of optical technologies in telecommunicationsin recent years and provides problem-solving strategies for variousnetwork functions and operations.

The product of a collaborative effort by four well-knownresearchers in telecommunications transmission systems, this volumecovers design basics, network performance, and state-of-the-artsystem analysis tools and is supplemented with hundreds ofillustrations as well as appendices containing the necessarymathematical derivations. It details:
* Design principles of the network transmission layer with opticaltechnologies and fiber nonlinearities in place.
* Performance evaluation for a variety of optical transmissionsystems operating under nonlinear propagation regimes.
* Local area networks, regional networks, and geographicalnetworks--their potential transmission capacity and possibleproblems.
* Examples of effective design from the most promising nonlinearoptical transmission systems.
* The methodology for design and analysis of a generic system


Eugenio Iannone has been researching optical communication systemsand networks at the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni in the OpticalCommunication Group for more than a decade. He is coauthor ofCoherent Optical Communications Systems (Wiley, 1995).

Francesco Matera researches optical fibers and optical local areanetworks at the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Optical CommunicationGroup.

Antonio Mecozzi has been with the Optical Communication Group atFondazione Ugo Bordoni for more than a decade.

Marina Settembre researches optical devices for signal routing andprocessing, and numerical modeling of pulse propagation along fiberlinks.


Optical Fiber Propagation.

Optical Amplifiers.

Optical Transmission Systems.

Soliton Optical Communications.

Repeaterless Systems.

Long Distance TDM Transmission.

WDM Optically Amplified Systems.

Transmission in All-Optical Networks.