Sustainable Aquaculture
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Aquaculture is a rapidly growing, successful approach to improving diets by providing more high quality fish and shellfish protein. It is also an industry with major unresolved issues because of its negative impact on the environment. This book is a pioneering effort in the development of environmentally benign aquaculture methods.


John E. Bardach is the editor of Sustainable Aquaculture, published by Wiley.


Fish as Food and the Case of Aquaculture (J. Bardach).

Aquaculture and Sustainable Food Security in the Developing World(M. Williams).

Offshore Mariculture (R. Stickney).

Aquaculture, Pollution, and Biodiversity (J. Bardach).

The Role of Biotechnology in Sustainable Aquaculture (E.Donaldson).

Economic Decision Making in Sustainable Aquacultural Development(Y. Shang & C. Tisdell).

The Role of Modeling in the Managing and Planning of SustainableAquaculture (P. Leung & O. El-Gayar).

Sustainable Aquaculture and Integrated Coastal Management (C.Thia-Eng).

Planning, Regulation, and Administration of Sustainable Aquaculture(J. Corbin & L. Young).

Postscript (J. Bardach).