Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services Third Edition
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While finding and keeping a core group of clients remains the breadand butter of any consultant's business, doing so is far fromsimple in a field that's becoming increasingly crowded andcompetitive. Today, as the result of drastic shifts in thelandscape--information technology, virtual organizations,telecommuting--targeting and attracting clients is a greaterchallenge than ever. To help you meet that challenge head on,Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services, the bible forconsultants and professionals worldwide, has been thoroughlyrevised and expanded. This brand new Third Edition gives you thetools and the know-how to survive and thrive in today's toughmarket.

Beginning with a comprehensive overview, this updated resourcekeeps you abreast of current trends and issues. In addition, you'llfind complete coverage of Dick Connor's innovative--and highlyeffective--Client-Centered Marketing (CCM) approach, a practical"deliverables-driven" system for penetrating specific markets. Thiseasy-to-follow, six-part process helps you achieve a myriad ofessential marketing objectives: from expanding services for currentclients and capitalizing on the potential within your business togenerating profitable growth and managing your image with clientsand targets.

With a wealth of new information that focuses on finding andqualifying new clients--what every consultant worries aboutmost--this new edition of Marketing Your Consulting andProfessional Services, Third Edition provides essential informationon:
* Analyzing your current business or practice--evaluating clients,assessing existing prospects, preparing a strategic profile
* Becoming "client smart"--determining how the niche industry isorganized, identifying requirements for success, determining itsneeds
* Building market awareness--maintaining positive name recognition,establishing your firm's intended image
* Prospecting--acquiring new, high-potential clients, preparing awinning proposal, selling the value-adding solution
* Ensuring client satisfaction--handling service and relationshipbreakdowns with a practical recovery action sequence

Complete with helpful worksheets and checklists, as well as precisedefinitions of terminology and an annotated bibliography, MarketingYour Consulting and Professional Services, Third Edition is a mustfor today's fiercely competitive, highly demandingmarketplace.

Praise for the previous edition of Marketing Your Consulting andProfessional Services

"Loaded with examples, useful forms, and informative exhibits,Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services is anextraordinary how-to manual that provides vital step-by-stepinstruction and advice on how to maximize profitability andsuccess. . . . Marketing is a how-to you shouldn't do without." --Managers Magazine

"This is definitely a 'MUST READ' book for entrepreneurs andbusiness professionals of all types. The attention to detailprovides practical insights on the critical keys to marketingsuccess." -- Dr. Peter Johnson, Corporate MarketingStrategist

"As today's business environment becomes increasingly competitive,consulting professionals look for fresh approaches and innovativeideas to 'cut through the clutter' and increase their share ofbusiness. Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Servicesprovides highly useful information for every professionalconsultant. It's an essential purchase." -- Jonathan D. Blum,Managing Director -- Ogilvy & Mather Public Relations,Singapore

"Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services is excellent.It contains down-to-earth, indispensable tips for marketingconsulting services. Vital reading for both beginners and seasonedconsultants--worldwide. I wish I had had this daily guide during myrough start." -- Dr. Oskar Pack, Management Consultant and SalesTrainer -- Euskirchen, Germany


DICK CONNOR, CMC, is a consultant specializing in accounting andgeneral business and a former associate professor of management atNorthwestern Graduate School of Management. He is the author ofIncreasing Revenue from Your Clients and coauthor with JeffDavidson of Getting New Clients, both published by Wiley.

JEFF DAVIDSON, CMC, is a full-time professional speaker and theauthor of 25 books, including Marketing on a Shoestring: Low-CostTips for Marketing Your Products or Services (Wiley).


Partial table of contents:


The Client-Centered Marketing Process.

The Client-Centered Marketing Process Model.


Evaluating Your Current Clients.

Managing Your Current Leverage Relationships.

Building Your Firm's Strategic Profile.


Managing Your Targets of Attention.

Selecting an Industry for Special Attention.


Developing an Insider's Understanding of the Industry.


Building Marketing into the Fabric of the Firm.

Preparing Value-Adding Solutions.


Positioning Your Business.

Writing That Works.

Selling the Value-Adding Solution.


Wrapping It All Up.





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