Masters of Deception: The Worldwide White Collar Crime Crisis and Ways to Protect Yourself
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More About This Title Masters of Deception: The Worldwide White Collar Crime Crisis and Ways to Protect Yourself


"White-collar criminals continue to pick our pockets to the tune of$300 billion every year. These 'socially acceptable' criminals robmore from companies and individuals with a pen or key stroke than astreet thug can plunder with a high-powered pistol." --from theIntroduction

In Masters of Deception, former special agent and intelligenceofficer Louis Mizell addresses the growing problem of white-collarcrime in America. Using actual cases, Mizell exposes scores ofperpetrators and their modus operandi, and offers invaluable adviceon what to look for, how to avoid being a victim, and how to fightback.

Praise for Louis Mizell and Masters of Deception

"Mizell stands out as a true expert in crime and terrorism whoearned his title fighting the bad guys in back alleys, courts,corporate suites, and the new global economy. No one else out therecan match his knowledge of what the bad guys are doing and how."--James Grady, author of Six Days of the Condor and WhiteFlame

"Masters of Deception exposes little known facts that should berevealed to the unsuspecting public. Mizell may well be the nextRalph Nader in exposing the many ways innocent people arevictimized by white-collar crime." --Dr. Richard Ward, AssociateChancellor and Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Chicagoat Illinois

White-collar crime is an alarming epidemic that has reached everybig city and small town in America. Invading all sectors, fromhealth care and religion to law and education, it claims millionsof victims, and bilks taxpayers out of billions of dollars everyyear. In Masters of Deception, top crime expert Louis Mizelladdresses this serious--and costly--problem, exposing some of themost notorious offenders, and providing precautionary measureseveryone should take to avoid being "taken to the cleaners."

Leaving no get-rich-quick stone unturned, white-collar criminalsstrike from every angle. Whether they're doctors overbillingpatients, charity workers pocketing donations, or lawyers abusingpowers of attorney, their fraudulent practices cost individuals,companies, and institutions billions of dollars. Consider thefollowing:
* Every year an average of $160 million is stolen or embezzled fromschools and colleges all over the country
* Insurance fraud--property, casualty, and health--is a $95billion-a-year scam
* Credit card fraud costs taxpayers nearly $3 billion per year
* Dishonest lawyers pocket more than $14 billion annually
* More than $21 billion is being stolen from charities eachyear

In Masters of Deception, Mizell explores the full spectrum ofwhite-collar crime and the misuse of power by professionals wetrust, including health care, business, education, and religion. Hereveals hundreds of actual cases, from local crimes to such highlypublicized incidents as the PTL scandal. With his experiencedanalytical eye, Mizell is able to spot new and emerging trends andpinpoint signs to look for in identifying potential cons. Sharinghis expertise and insight as a former special agent andintelligence officer, Mizell also offers proven tips for fightingback--specific to each sector--as well as an extensive list ofcontacts for receiving further information, getting help, orreporting a crime.

And anyone who believes that white- collar crime is nonviolent willbe shocked to learn that crime in the suites causes as much deathand injury as crime in the streets.

Masters of Deception is a timely and authoritative book that willnot only raise awareness about white-collar crime, but also allowreaders "to empower themselves with enough knowledge to never be avictim."


LOUIS R. MIZELL, Jr., is a former Special Agent and Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Department of State. He has published five books on personal protection, including Street Sense for Parents and Street Sense for Seniors.


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