Solving Interference Problems in Electronics
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More About This Title Solving Interference Problems in Electronics


A fresh look at electronics in the real world of Electromagnetic interference, the physical environment, and utility power . . .

Despite the many advances in electronics, the semiconductor revolution, and technologies that perform well above 100 MHz--problems of noise and interference remain. One reason is the inability of circuit theory to address a number of real-world issues--utility power, grounding, the character of buildings, the nature of long cables, or questions of radiation vis-a-vis equipment.

Solving Interference Problems in Electronics tackles all these areas with an amazingly accessible and down-to-earth approach that bridges the gap between the practical world and today's electronics. Highly original and pragmatic, the book uses elementary principles of physics to shed new light on EMI, and shows students and engineering professionals how to solve problems that are often beyond the scope of circuit theory.

Drawing on his 30 years experience in the field, author Ralph Morrison:
* Defines EMI broadly to accommodate utility power and the physical environment.
* Puts questions of grounding and shielding in a completely new light.
* Uses very simple mathematics that make it easy to understand what is happening and why.
* Shows how interference is generated and how it impacts design.
* Describes instrumentation design and specifications, including the nature of feedback and commonly encountered problems.
* Provides methods and techniques for testing and evaluating designs.
* Deals with questions of radiation and its correlation to equipment.
* Covers interference questions in computer manufacturing and systems design.
* Provides many illustrations that clarify difficult material and explain complex processes.


RALPH MORRISON is a consultant and lecturer in the area of interference control and electronics. He has thirty years of design and consulting experience, was president of Instrum for over a decade, and has authored Noise and Other Interfering Signals (1991), Grounding and Shielding in Facilities (1990), and the highly popular Grounding and Shielding Techniques in Instrumentation (1986).




Signal and Power Transport.

Radiation and Field Coupling.

Calculating Tools.

Instrumentation Amplifiers.

Testing of AC and DC Amplifiers--Strain Gauge Issues.

Power Distribution and Interference.

Cables and Shields.

Printed Circuits.

Screen Rooms.

Electrostatic Discharge.