The Art of the Question: A Guide to Short-Term Question-Centered Therapy
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More About This Title The Art of the Question: A Guide to Short-Term Question-Centered Therapy


"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
-Albert Einstein

The Art of the Question extends the range of cognitive-behavioraltherapy by elaborating on the ways that internal questions programthought, emotion, and behavior. Describing a groundbreaking,question-centered approach to therapy, the concepts and practicesin this book are essential for facilitating successful counselingand therapy. The Art of the Question contains everything therapistsneed to add question-centered methods to their therapeutictoolkits.

The question-driven nature of choice is one of the pillars ofquestion-centered therapy. The Art of the Question offers practicalpsycho-educational tools to help clients create better choices, bemore effective in the ways they make choices, and takeresponsibility for their decisions. Clients learn to ask questionsleading to solutions and positive possibilities, rather than thosefocusing on problems, negativity, and limitations. They discoverthat healing, growth, creativity, and change are often catalyzedthrough the simple act of changing their questions.

The Art of the Question includes:
* Question strategies for win-win marriages
* Many compelling clinical cases and vignettes
* Detailed methods for helping clients discover and transform thesilent, implicit questions that program their lives
* A framework for asking questions of clients at each stage of thetherapeutic process
* Illustrated psycho-educational materials for clients

The Art of the Question contains everything therapists need toincorporate question-centered methods into their therapeutic toolkits, making it an essential resource and reference guide for allmental health professionals.


MARILEE C. GOLDBERG, Ph.D., is the originator of question-centered therapy. She is also a well-known workshop leader and presenter, as well as an organizational consultant. She lives in Lambertville, New Jersey.



What Makes Questions Important?

What Are the Roles of Questions in Human Functioning?

What Are the Roles of Questions in Therapy?


Overview of Question-Centered Therapy.

Unfolding the Map: The Beginning of the Journey.

Getting Started: The Case of Andrea.

Midway on the Road: The Case of Beth.

The Learner Self and the Judger Self.

The Learner/Judger Selves in Action.

Therapy as Journey and Destination: The Case of Sophia.

A Single-Visit Stop on the Trip: The Case of Brian.


It Takes Two to Tango.

All's Fair in Love and War--Or Is It?

"If I Am for Myself Only, What Am I?" The Case of Julie and JimQuinn.


With Our Questions We Make the World.