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One thing that mature, developing, or undeveloped nations have incommon in today's global economy is the necessity to construct,repair, refurbish, and modernize their infrastructure. More andmore governments are turning to the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)process to accomplish this expensive and enormously challengingtask--allowing private developers to design, finance, construct,and operate revenue-producing public projects, and then turn themover to the community at the end of an agreed payback period.

The first book to explore this innovative approach toprivatization, Build, Operate, Transfer covers the creation of BOTprojects from the ground up. Using a real-world, case-orientedapproach, it provides a comprehensive examination of theengineering, construction, and financial skills required to bringBOT ventures from the planning stage to design, construction, andoperation. From the Channel Tunnel to the Dulles Greenway, the bookexamines both successful projects and troubled ones, extracting keyinformation on what sets them apart--including such crucial factorsas the importance of public support and government control inensuring a positive outcome. You will also find specific coverageof construction techniques and procedures, plus financialcomparisons, demographics, and other statistical data.

Whether you are a student or a professional working in engineering,construction, finance, or government, BOT cannot be ignored as aneffective way to build infrastructure projects quickly,efficiently, and at minimal cost. This book equips you with boththe comprehensive information and the practical guidance you needto put this dynamic practice into action.

The only book available on the BOT approach to private constructionand maintenance of public projects--complete coverage from theground up

Contractors the world over are discovering how to useprivate-public partnerships to build much-needed infrastructureprojects quickly, efficiently, and at minimal cost. This bookthoroughly explores the combination of engineering, construction,and financial skills required to bring these Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) ventures from the planning stage to design, construction, andoperation. Based on a real-world, case-driven approach, Build,Operate, Transfer examines specific BOT projects, identifying keyfactors necessary to their successful implementation, and offeringimportant guidance on avoiding common pitfalls. This practical bookfeatures: A full introduction to BOT systems, with diagrams ofconstruction techniques and procedures, complete sample contract,and more
* Charts and graphs with financial analyses, demographicinformation, and important statistical data
* BOT examples from many different countries, including the UnitedStates, Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, andMexico
* A broad spectrum of project types--from tunnel construction tohighways and more
* Important guidance on keeping projects on time and on budget


SIDNEY M. LEVY is Senior Vice President of Mercede and Sons, Inc., a general contracting firm. The author of books which include Project Management in Construction and Japanese Construction: An American Perspective, he currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Construction Institute.


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