Supercritical Fluid Extraction
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Clear, Practical Coverage of an Important Reemerging TechnologySupercritical Fluid Extraction provides a clear, practical,step-by-step introduction to a sample preparation method that helpslaboratories reduce or eliminate the use of halogenated solvents,extract samples more quickly and efficiently, and improve theaccuracy of their results. By encouraging a deliberate, systematicapproach to supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) methods andtechniques, this book enables scientists and technicians to avoiddisappointing results and erroneous conclusions and developreliable guidelines for using this versatile technology. Itdemonstrates how to make the most of a process that is highlyreproducible, fast, and quantitative at sub-ppb levels; preservesthe chemical integrity of the analyte to be extracted; and yields aconcentrated sample solution that can be easily manipulated. Topicscovered include:
* Properties of supercritical fluids
* Functional group solubility in supercritical fluids
* Collection efficiency in off-line SFE
* Extraction strategies
* Applications of analytical SFE
For analytical chemists, technicians, and laboratory managers, thisbook is the key to a technology that can make every sampleextraction and analysis cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable.


LARRY T. TAYLOR is a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His areas of research include coupled chromatography-spectrometry analytical techniques and analytical techniques for supercritical fluids. Dr. Taylor regularly teaches the ACS short course on supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography.


Properties of Supercritical Fluids.

Functional Group Solubility in Supercritical Fluids.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction.

Collection Efficiency in Off-Line Supercritical FluidExtraction.

Extraction Strategies.

Applications of Analytical Supercritical Fluid Extraction.