Brand Rewired: Connecting Intellectual Property, Branding, and Creativity Strategy
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More About This Title Brand Rewired: Connecting Intellectual Property, Branding, and Creativity Strategy


Discover how the world's leading companies have added value to their company by rewiring the brand creation process

Brand Rewired showcases the world's leading companies in branding and how they have added value to their company by rewiring the brand creation process to intersect strategic thinking about intellectual property without stifling creativity.

  • Features interviews with executives from leading worldwide companies including: Kodak, Yahoo, Kraft, J.Walter Thompson, Kimberly Clark, Scripps Networks Interactive, the Kroger Company, GE, Procter & Gamble, LPK, Northlich and more
  • Highlights how to maximize return on investment in creating a powerful brand and intellectual property portfolio that can be leveraged economically for many years to come
  • Reveals how to reduce costs in the brand creation and legal process
  • Illustrates how a brand strategy intersecting with an equally powerful intellectual property strategy produces a greater economic return and more rewards for the brand project leaders

Innovative in its approach, Brand Rewired shows you how how leading companies are abandoning the old school research-and-development-driven innovation philosophy and evolving to a Brand Rewired approach of innovating at the consumer level, using multi-disciplinary teams to build a powerful brand and intellectual asset to maximize return on investment.


ANNE H. CHASSER was named one of the fifty most influential people in the intellectual property world by Managing Intellectual Property magazine and served as commissioner of trademarks for the United States Patent & Trademark Office and president of the International Trademark Association. As Associate Vice President for Intellectual Property at the University of Cincinnati and Director of Trademarks and Licensing at The Ohio State University, she has achieved top-level executive experience in both government and higher education administration. Chasser is widely recognized as a visionary thought leader in intellectual property.

JENNIFER C. WOLFE, ESQ., APR, is the founder of Wolfe LPA, one of the fastest growing woman-owned intellectual property and corporate counsel law firms. Clients have included Kraft Foods, Scripps Networks Interactive, The Kroger Co., Luxottica Retail, and many emerging media and technology companies. One of the only attorneys also nationally accredited in public relations, Wolfe is widely known for her unique and outside-the-box thinking. She is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt and has been a regular contributor to national legal and technology publications.




Chapter 1 The Billion-Dollar Question.

The Evolution of the Silo—Rewired.

What’s Ahead?

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 2 Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Driving Trends in Intellectual Asset Valuation—Why it Matters to You.

When and How Intellectual Assets are Valued.

Increasing the Return on Investment of Your Next Project.

Want Your Brand Listed as a Top 100 Brand?

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 3 Designing in IP.

The Creative Process.

Product Packaging and Product Design.

Name and Logo Design.

Campaign and Connection to the Consumer.


Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 4 The Influencers.

Consumer-Based Insights.

Content as Marketing.

Cost of Litigation, Risk, and Uncertainty.

The Dilution Dilemma.

Limited Budgets.

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 5 The Black Box.

A Fictional Case Study—Emerson Jones.

Research and Development.

Marketing and Advertising Campaign.

Public Relations and Investor Relations.

Avoiding Costly Lawsuits.

Return on Investment.

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 6 Integrating a Brand Rewired Process.

The Environment and Incentives.

The Innovation Process.


A Do-Over for Emerson Jones.

The Leadership.

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 7 The Brand Maestro.

The Brand Maestro Job Description.

The Intellectual Asset Strategy.

How to Get Started in Your Organization.

Chapter Highlights.

Chapter 8 The Thought Leaders.

General Mills.

Procter & Gamble.

Kraft Foods.






Scripps Networks Interactive.

Libby Persyk Kathman (LPK).

Northlich (Brand Engagement Agency).

Interbrand (Branding Consultancy).

The Entrepreneurial Journey.

Epilogue Brand Capitol and Brand Maestro.

Did You Know?

Appendix A Discussion Questions.

Appendix B About the People Interviewed in This Book.

Appendix C Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement.

Appendix D Sample Questionnaire for Planning Sessions.

Appendix E Team Meeting Agenda.

Appendix F Sample Intellectual Asset Strategy Document.

Appendix G List of Trademarks.


About the Authors.