Lighting Retrofit and Relighting: A Guide to GreenLighting Solutions
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More About This Title Lighting Retrofit and Relighting: A Guide to GreenLighting Solutions


The ultimate guide to the retrofitting of lighting for greater efficiency and performance

Retrofitting outdated energy-guzzling lighting components with green energy-saving alternatives is a process that promotes sustainability and offers significant benefits for businesses, contractors, and the community at large. Not only can retrofitting improve the overall quality and functionality of light, it also can make spaces safer, easier and less costly to maintain, and more comfortable to inhabit. From lighting technology to retrofit financial analysis, Lighting Retrofit and Relighting evaluates the latest lighting system types, then demonstrates how to apply them for the greatest functional and cost-saving benefit. This book:

  • Discusses the recent advances in lighting equipment and retrofittable controls, for both interior and outdoor use

  • Explains how to do a lighting audit to identify and evaluate logical retrofit choices

  • Includes case studies of retrofits, illustrating improvements in the quality and efficacy of new lighting

  • Demonstrates how cost savings realized over time can not only pay for new equipment but produce a return on the investment

Lighting Retrofit and Relighting serves as an ideal reference for students or professionals—whether they are energy auditors, designers, installers, facilities managers, or manufacturers—by taking a close look at the most current lighting technology illuminating pathways toward a brighter future.


JAMES R. BENYA, PE, FIES, IALD, LC, is Principal of Benya Lighting Design of West Linn, Oregon. He is a professional lighting designer and consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience. His design work has been published in numerous industry magazines, and he has lectured extensively on the professional conference circuit.

DONNA J. LEBAN, AIA, LC, is a licensed architect, professional lighting designer, educator, and principal of Light/Space/Design in Burlington, Vermont. She has many years of professional experience in commercial and educational architecture, and as an efficiency expert, writer, instructor, and demand-side management facilitator with a New England electric utility.



Part I The Savings Potential in Common Lighting Systems.

Chapter 1 Linear Fluorescent System.

Chapter 2 Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, and Solid State Systems.

Chapter 3. High Intensity Discharge Systems.

Chapter 4 Special Applications Lighting.

Part II Lighting Retrofit Process.

Chapter 5 Retrofit Project Qualification.

Chapter 6 Data Collection and Field Audit.

Chapter 7 Lighting Engineering and Evaluation.

Chapter 8 Bidding, Construction, and Commissioning.

Chapter 9 Economic Evaluation.

Appendix A Glossary.

Appendix B Resources.

Appendix C. Calculating Illumination Levels.

Appendix D Measuring Illumination Levels.

Appendix E Power Quality.



“An analysis of what is arguably the most expeditious manner in which the U.S. can see significant energy savings in the short term. Buy it…if you or someone you know is responsible for building energy.”—LD+A: The magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (August 2011)