Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out
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More About This Title Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out


An innovative communication method for making change happen in any organization

Getting Change Right presents a new view of leadership communication that says change doesn't flow top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, but inside-out. This is how change spreads through a complex system successfully-the other options are force or failure. Based on years of experience with organizations around the world, change expert Kahan presents a new model of communication, one that moves from a transactional view of information exchange to a collaborative construction of shared understanding. When the right people are having the right conversations and interactions, then they act in concert even though the situations they confront independently are impossible to predict or coordinate. This dynamic practitioner's guide to implementing change

  • Presents the innovative co-creation communication model for creating change
  • Reveals how communicating with a company's most valuable players is at the heart of organizational change
  • Draws on the author's wealth of experience with Fortune 100 companies, leading government agencies, and associations

Getting Change Right offers business insights and field-tested, practical techniques that can be put to work immediately.


SETH KAHAN is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant who has worked with CEOs and senior leaders responsible for large-scale change around the world. He is the author of Fast Company's expert blog "Leading Change" (, and a regular contributor to the Washington Post column "On Success" ( He is an Associate of the Taos Institute. Kahan received the designation Visionary by the Center for Association Leadership, and The Society for the Advancement of Consulting has recognized him as a Thought-leader and Exemplar in the field of Change Leadership.


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Foreword (Bill George).


1 Creating Rapid Widespread Engagement

Expert Input: Ken and Mary Gergen on Social Construction and Leading Change.

Expert Input: Steve Denning on Operating Without Budget or Authority.

2 Communicating So People Get It and Spread It.

Expert Input: Rick Stone on the Power of Story.

3 Energizing Your Most Valuable Players.

Expert Input: Jim Wolfensohn on Talking to Everyone.

4 Understanding the of Change.

Expert Input: Madelyn Blair on Storylistening for Reconnaissance.

5 Accelerating Change Through Performance Communities.

Expert Input: Etienne Wenger on Communities of Practice.

6 Generating Dramatic Surges in Progress.

Expert Input: Lesley Shneier on the World Bank's Knowledge Fairs

7 Breaking Through Logjams.

Expert Input: Larry Forster on the Competency for Collaboration

8 WorkLifeSuccess in the Midst of Change.

Expert Input: John Kotter on the Greatest Positive Impact.

Appendix A: Sample Strategic Engagement Plan.

Appendix B: JumpStart Storytelling.



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