Managing the Development of Software-Intensive Systems
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More About This Title Managing the Development of Software-Intensive Systems


Managing the Development of Software-Intensive Systems provides both an introduction to project management for beginner software and hardware developers as well as unique advanced materials for experienced users. This beneficial resource presents realistic case studies for planning and managing verification and validation for large software projects, complex software, and hardware systems, as well as inspection results and testing metrics to monitor project status. Industrial practitioners and students will learn ways to improve how they manage and develop their project management applications and techniques to establish large software applications and systems.


James McDonald, PhD, is an associate professor of software engineering at Monmouth University. He has an extensive industrial background in both software and electrical engineering. Dr. McDonald has worked for AT&T, Bell Laboratories, Bellcore, and Lucent Technologies, managing hardware and software development projects from 1980 to 1999. He has taught numerous courses and workshops in the areas of operations research, microeconomics, quality management, and software project management. Dr. McDonald is also a Senior Life Member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and ASEE.




About the Author.

1. Overview and Introduction.

2. Planning.

3. Estimation.

4. Planning for Verification and Validation.

5. The Organizing Process.

6. The Monitoring Process.

7. The Control Process.

8. Risk Management.

9. Audits, Reviews, and Assessments.

10. Multi-Projects.

11. Managing Outsourced Development Work.

12. Is a Heavyweight Process Required?

13. Retrospectives.