Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace
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More About This Title Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace


Praise for Going Global

"The very concept of globalization is evolving, and this book provides a useful toolkit to those who want to capitalize on the opportunities that the global workplace offers."
Wayne F. Cascio, Ph.D., editor, Journal of World Business, Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership, University of Colorado, Denver

"A very timely and useful look at the global workplace and how talent should be managed in it."
Edward E. Lawler III, Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California

"The time has long past when we, in organizational psychology, can confine our research and practice to North American settings. This book is timely and will provide an important resource for those who are interested in the global application of our tools and principles."
Gary P. Latham, Secretary of State, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

"A book that fills a gap: This is one of the rare books that provides HR professionals with insights that are not only up to date from a technical perspective but truly practical and relevant in a global workplace."
Michael Liley, partner and global HR director, Ernst & Young

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is a 7,000-member division within APA. The Professional Practice Series provides practitioners and students with guidance, insights, and advice on how to apply the concepts, findings, methods, and tools from I/O psychology to solve human-related organizational problems.


The Editor
Kyle Lundby
is a senior consultant with strong business acumen and a proven track record of supporting global organizations in their talent management and organizational change efforts. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has numerous publications and presentations to his credit. Lundby recently returned to the United States after completing a multi-year expatriate assignment in Asia.


Foreword xi
Allen Kraut

Preface xv

The Contributors xxiii

Part One: Practical Considerations for HR and OD Practitioners Working Across Geographic-Cultural Boundaries: The Changing Workplace xxxv

1 Navigating the Complexities of a Global Organization 1
Mariangela Battista, Patricia Pedigo, and Erica Desrosiers

2 Culture: Values, Beliefs, Perceptions, Norms, and Behaviors 22
Vesselin Blagoev

3 Multicultural Teams: Critical Team Processes and Guidelines 46
C. Shawn Burke, Marissa L. Shuffler, Eduardo Salas, and Michele Gelfand

4 HR in the Global Workplace 83
Mariangela Battista and Mario DiLoreto

Part Two: Attracting and Selecting Employees in the Global Workplace 111

5 Recruitment in a Global Workplace 113
Mukta Kulkarni and Mathian Osicki

6 Global Selection: Selection in International Contexts 143
Tim Carey, David Herst, and Wynne Chan

7 On-Boarding in a Global Workplace 175
Mary Plunkett

Part Three: Maximizing Performance in the Global Workplace 201

8 Developing Leadership in Global Organizations 203
Tommy Weir

9 Strategic Surveying in the Global Marketplace and the Role of Vitality Measures 231
Jeffrey M. Saltzman and Scott M. Brooks

10 Best Practices for Training Intercultural Competence in Global Organizations 256
Jessica L.Wildman, Luiz F. Xavier,Mitch Tindall, and Eduardo Salas

11 Creating Infectious Change in Global Organizations: Applying Psychology to Large-Scale Planned Interventions 301
Paul M. Mastrangelo

12 Maximizing the Success and Retention of International Assignees 333
Paula Caligiuri and Thomas Hippler

13 Work and Family in a Global Context 377
Tammy D. Allen, Kristen M. Shockley, and Andrew Biga

The Editor 403

Subject Index 405

Name Index 419