Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement in Youth
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More About This Title Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement in Youth


Engaging youth in civic life has become a central concern to a broad array of researchers in a variety of academic fields as well to policy makers and practitioners globally. This book is both international and multidisciplinary, consisting of three sections that respectively cover conceptual issues, developmental and educational topics, and methodological and measurement issues. Broad in its coverage of topics, this book supports scholars, philanthropists, business leaders, government officials, teachers, parents, and community practitioners in their drive to engage more young people in community and civic actions.


Preface: Promoting Research on Youth Civic Engagement
Lonnie Sherrod, Judith Torney-Purta, and Constance Flanagan

Introduction: Research on the Development of Citizenship: A Field Comes of Age 1
Lonnie Sherrod, Society for Research in Child Development and Fordham University; Judith Torney-Purta, University of Maryland; and Constance Flanagan, The Pennsylvania State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison


1 Toward a Political Theory of Political Socialization of Youth 23
Hugh McIntosh, Consultant; and James Youniss, The Catholic University of America

2 A Political Science Perspective on Socialization Research: Young Nordic Citizens in a Comparative Light 43
Erik Amnå, Örebro University, Sweden; and Pär Zetterberg, Uppsala University, Sweden

3 The Sources of Adolescent Activism: Historical and Contemporary Findings 67
Daniel Hart, Rutgers University; and Rebecca Lakin Gullan, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Gwynedd-Mercy College

4 Youth Civic Engagement in the Developing World: Challenges and Opportunities 91
Ronald Kassimir, The New School; and Constance Flanagan, The Pennsylvania State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison

5 Youth Civic Engagement: Normative Issues 115
Peter Levine, Tufts University; and Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro, Fordham University

6 Youth Civic Engagement in Mexico 139
Fernando Reimers, Harvard University; and Sergio Cardenas, Center for Economic Research and Teaching, Mexico

7 Citizenship Education: A Critical Look at a Contested Field 161
Helen Haste, Harvard University and University of Bath, United Kingdom


8 The Relation between Developmental Theory and Measures of Civic Engagement in Research on Adolescents 193
Britt Wilkenfeld, University of Maryland; James Lauckhardt, Fordham University; and Judith Torney-Purta, University of Maryland

9 Social Cognitive Development and Adolescent Civic Engagement 221
Aaron Metzger, West Virginia University; and Judith G. Smetana, University of Rochester

10 Early Childhood as a Foundation for Civic Engagement 249
Jennifer Astuto, New York University; and Martin D. Ruck, City University of New York

11 Civic Engagement during the Transition to Adulthood: Developmental Opportunities and Social Policies at a Critical Juncture 277
Andrea Finlay, The Pennsylvania State University; Laura Wray-Lake, The Pennsylvania State University and Claremont Graduate University; and Constance Flanagan, The Pennsylvania State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison

12 Schools and Social Trust 307
Constance Flanagan, The Pennsylvania State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison; Tara Stoppa, Eastern University; Amy K. Syvertsen, The Pennsylvania State University, and Search Institute; and Michael Stout, Missouri State University

13 The Civic Empowerment Gap: Defi ning the Problem and Locating Solutions 331
Meira Levinson, Harvard University

14 Communication and Education: Creating Competence for Socialization into Public Life 363
Jack McLeod, Dhavan Shah, Diana Hess, and Nam-Jin Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

15 Changing Citizen Identity and the Rise of a Participatory Media Culture 393
W. Lance Bennett, Deen Freelon, and Chris Wells, University of Washington, Seattle

16 Immigrant Youth in the United States: Coming of Age among Diverse Civic Cultures 425
Lene Arnett Jensen, Clark University

17 The Civic Life of Latina/o Immigrant Youth: Challenging Boundaries and Creating Safe Spaces 445
Hinda Seif, University of Illinois at Springfi eld

18 LGBT Politics, Youth Activism, and Civic Engagement 471
Stephen T. Russell, Russell B. Toomey, and Jason Crockett, University of Arizona; and Carolyn Laub, Gay-Straight Alliance Network


19 A Conceptual Framework and Multimethod Approach for Research on Political Socialization and Civic Engagement 497
Judith Torney-Purta and Jo-Ann Amadeo, University of Maryland; and Molly W. Andolina, DePaul University

20 Political Agency and Empowerment: Pathways for Developing a Sense of Political Effi cacy in Young Adults 525
Elizabeth Beaumont, University of Minnesota

21 The Transdisciplinary Nature of Citizenship and Civic/Political Engagement Evaluation 559
Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro, Fordham University

22 Conceptualizing and Evaluating the Complexities of Youth Civic Engagement 593
Charmagne Campbell-Patton, World Savvy; and Michael Quinn Patton, Utilization-Focused Evaluation

23 Critical Youth Engagement: Participatory Action Research and Organizing 621
Madeline Fox, City University of New York; Kavitha Mediratta, Brown University; Jessica Ruglis, Johns Hopkins University; Brett Stoudt, City University of New York; Seema Shah, International Baccalaureate; and Michelle Fine, City University of New York

24 Informed Social Refl ection: Its Development and Importance for Adolescents' Civic Engagement 651
Robert L. Selman and Janet Kwok, Harvard University

Author Index 686

Subject Index 699


"This hefty tome is a highly significant compilation of theory and research on youth civic engagement. Under the capable editorship of three extraordinary scholars [in applied developmental psychology], the volume is rich, expansive and interesting. It will be a treasure for new and experienced researchers alike."
Walter C. Parker and Tina Y. Gourd (University of Washington), from a review in the periodical Citizenship Teaching and Learning, vol 6(3), p 337-8.

"Engaged citizens are the sine qua non of responsible and responsive democracies, yet research on the development of citizenship has often occurred in disciplinary, geographic and methodological silos, only periodically capturing wider scholarly and public attention. Sherrod, Torney-Purta and Flanagan, three of the leading scholars in this field, have taken a major step in remedying this state of affairs, demonstrating the rich and varied research that has been occurring below the radar screen, bringing together perspectives from across disciplines and the globe, and taking head on the thorny methodological and epistemological issues regarding how we know what we know about this complex issue. The Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement in Youth is an important and valuable resource for anyone interested in issues of citizenship, how it develops, and how we study it."
Michael X. Delli Carpini, Dean, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania